Friday, September 10, 2010

CD's Insane Quest for Blueberries, the Last salmon, and a Thanks to Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Jude!

The Last Salmon run is currently underway
..........And the Fish are literally Choking Illiuluk Creek.

V So Last night CD Convinced us to go Blueberry picking. "It's just right up the Valley from my House".
She even Enlisted Bella, the Berry Hound to go.

Little did we know at the time that soon we would be clinging to the sides of ravines.........
.........battling cold biting winds..............

...........and being forced by a cruel taskmaster to get more berries!
As She stood above and "Managed" Poor CB, Manderzz and Alicia were forced into precarious positions all for the "Precious" Blueberries!

Poor Dear Manderzz was even forced to do this in shorts and with no supper!
"Sitting on the Cold Hard Ground and starving" was just one of Dear Sweet Manderzz Complaints as CD's Berry Obsession took hold.
Bella abandoned looking for Blueberries and instead went after the last of the Salmonberies.

It was at this time that Alicia noticed her phone was gone. After searching for over half an hour in the biting wind.............

..........with even Bella joining in..................

........I Called out the Big guns with a Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Jude, the Patron Saint of Lost Causes.

And Within 5 minutes the phone was located.
So Thank You Saint Michael The Archangel and Saint Jude!!

O glorious Apostle St. Jude, true relative of Jesus and Mary, I salute you through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Through this Heart, I praise and thank God for all the graces He has bestowed upon you. Humbly prostrate before you, I implore you through this Heart to look down upon me with compassion. Despise not my poor prayer and let not my trust be in vain. To you has been assigned the privilege of aiding mankind in the most desperate cases. Oh, come to my aid that I may praise the mercies of God. All my life I will be grateful to you and will be your faithful client until I can thank you in heaven. Amen.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I thought it was St Antony who was the patron saint of lost items.

Tony, Tony, Tony,
Look around look around
What once was lost
Must now be found.

Cookie Dough said...

I dunno which saint does what, but they always come through for CB!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS!!
I'm literally crying, I'm laughing so hard. It WAS a bit far "down the road" and "up a hill" Manderzz cracks me up, I fed her at home :) (So I forgot about dinner, I bonded with Derick over a late lunch at DDFF!!) Bella the pest was covered in mud, Alicia and I got 17 jars of jam made by midnight!! We only need to go 2-3 more times :)

Carlisleboy said...

Yes, Saint Anthony is for lost items, But Finding a black cellphone lost in the Aleutian Tundra and ravines is pretty much a lost cause so I went straight up the chain to Saint Jude.

mamawas said...

St Jude's prayer is great CB.
The country looks "farther down the road" from CD's house, am I close?

Nature's abundance is so evident in Unalaska now!!
God Bless you all,

Kimi said...

looks like a lot of fun. Mean evil mommy making your child pick delicious berries in those conditions. LOL JUST KIDDING. get them working. Glad the prayer worked CB. think of the calories you all burned hiking up and down searching for those berries. CD im wondering how much you might charge for a jar of jam lol.

Lori said...

LOL! You guys are too funny - did anyone even think of just calling the cell phone to locate it? Either way - whatever Saint - is always on CB's side. I envy you guys picking the wild berries and the abondance of them! I bet the jam CD make is delicious!

jim said...

hi Brian,lost your email address,do it through a post.heading your way 4th Oct you probably away then.stopping a couple of nights @grand will be checking all the sights been reading about for last couple of years,regards Jim

Cookie Dough said...

lol of course it was on vibrate AND where we were there is virtually no service, so it's not even worth having them on! Our house is surrended by mountains.
I'd gladly share jam...we'll have over a hundred jars by the time my slave driving stops :) When I get in a jam-making mode watch out!! We made sooo many salmonberry 60 or 70. And started on the fireweed-clover honey too!! (Alicia LOVES helping and does half the work) Then she'll make alladix too, i'm going to miss her!
I've never made mossberry jelly, but I'm going to pick them alone and try it --they're really not fun to gather, very low to the ground and not a lot of them.

Reading said...

Looks like a fun outing....your prayer to Saint Jude is different from the one we say at my dad's church...but whatever does the trick...we used to grow blueberries in our yard but I know if we did now the dogs would eat them...

Margrita said...

CB What fun balancing on the sides of ravines while picking berries. Of course CD is gonna direct she will be making the jam lol. CD's jam is the best very tasty. Love the fact that Bella decided the blueberries were to hard went for salmon berries instead. Wow look at all the salmon they look very yummy. I have my supply loaded into my freezer love that Alaskan seafood. So glad the prayer worked and the cell phone was found.

Anonymous said...

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