Monday, September 27, 2010

The Meridian Pyramids Hotel, The Step Pyramid and Memphis. BUSY Day with a nice rest at the end.

This is how we ended a very busy day, swimming and having a drink at the hotel "Swim Up" bar, with the Pyramid Complex at Giza in the background. How Awesome is that?
The Step Pyramid is undergoing some massive Reconstruction to replace/repair the outer casing. Still an Amazing sight.
The Entire Complex with the Step Pyramid is surrounded by an outer wall wherein the King would conduct a series of rituals showing that he was still fit to lead the nation. When he was sone he would stand in this spot and recieve the Double Crown once again. (Little bit more complex than this but you get the jist) Anyhoo Sacha and I are standing in the same place in the same pose. Another picture brought to you by the "Backsheesh" (Tipping/Bribe) custom. A little money goes a LONG way here, and the Security Guards suppliment their megar incomes this way. It might not be How it should be, but it is instutionalized, and who are we to judge a culture that goes back 6,000 years?

Anyway, before that were were at a museum in Memphis, Many more pictures later.
I literally have over 500 pictures so far and I have only been here three days. Today we flew to Luxor and Got on our cruise ship from which I am posting right now. This is a free day and after the last few I need it! Legs sore and just a bit tired. Tomorrow we do the Temple of Horus at Edifu. Should be amazing! If I can I will post some more pictures later today after Afternoon Tea on the Boat.


Kimi said...

sounds like the perfect way to unwind. The pictures are beautiful, and the stories behind them are great. Im gonna have Miki come read them later this week, and get a guided tour of Egypt lol. Have fun on your cruise.

Anonymous said...

Please stop desecrating these Holy sites.

Cookie Dough said...

What sort of food have you been eating?

mamawas said...

thanks for all the shots!!!
A true devotion to the DHD blog is evident

terrig said...

Ignore this anonymous fool

Margrita said...

CB what an awesome site to enjoy while relaxing by the pool. The pictures are magnificent. They have made good progress on the step pyramid. I am glad you are able to get to have a free day after a few days the legs to get tired.