Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bunker Hill with a Boy From Maine and Salmonberries: Bella, Wine and Injuries

Hotel SUPER BUSY!! Full to Bursting. Literally People sleeping in the Lobby. That's how my week is going. How about yours?
Still have to fit in time with Friends now and Old and Bunker Hill is always the place to go.

Are YOU brave enough to enter this Rabbit Hole? Mad Hatters or Red Queens could be awaiting inside.

At time the weather has been Beautiful, and Perfect for Salmonberry picking!
That is if Bella leaves us any.
Bella literally eats the berrries right off the bushes, she will jump up and get them if they are not low enough. The Only way to stop her is to lure her away with a "Beggin Strip" or a "Chicken Carver"
And A curious find in the Bushes, an bottle of Chardonnay.
Although drinking it on an empty stomach may have led to an "Incident" later.....
But I still managed to save the Berries. That is what matters!!

And SIX buckets full. And enough really ripe berries to make even Sharon Proud!

Ok, Off to pick more berries!


Kimi said...

roflmao. hope no one was seriously injured. looks like a fun time. HUGS

mamawas said...

the bunkers are so amazing to explore. Thanks for the excellent tour guide skills in perosn and on the blog

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you found ( and drank) that old bottle that I peed in last week. You of all persons, the same person that was freaking out about an old needle. You say the bottle was sealed. Huh. Another round of anti-virals for you my lad,

Carlisleboy said...

It was SEALED!!! And It was actually a good Chardonnay.
Isn't there something better to do at you shop like Order?

Cookie Dough said...

bahahaha.... I'm thinking of all the bugs crawling on CB after he fell!!
Blueberries, maybe moss berries are next!!

Margrita said...

Great pictures from Bunker Hill. The view is incredible. I really enjoyed the inside look of the bunkers. Bella and the berries too cute, glad you got so many buckets full. LOL at the wine find hee hee yep all that on an empty stomach probably contributed to the falling down going boom... glad you were not hurt and the berries were not spilled. Hope you have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

You've got to fall on your arse at least once during a salmonberry season, or you haven't bee working hard enough!! And on the really steep slopes, slide on your butt, so don't wear your good jeans. Hmmmmmmmm on the color of your berries! jk

Ranee said...

You make Dutch Harbor look like a fantastic place to live. And your friends are great.