Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Sunday Brunch Of 2009! Deadliest Catch Boats GALORE!!! As well as Junior and the rest of the Chefs

Sunday Morning Again, and A big welcome to all!!! Will HHElliana, otterwoman09, Melly,Edgarfan,mamawas, Mick Muise, Copperpossum, Reading, Sugar Queens Dream,octoberone, Angel Girl,ErieLady, Leigh,Steve J,crabby in jersey,nordlys, Suzasippi, Margrita,la isla d'lisa, Fizz Wood, Elizabeth,gbbarb,Alexis08r, Lauri, rpascale, Nebraska Outbback,homergirl78, MeowMix, purrduedvm, Bonnie, Helen, GryffHoo, Ninja-Motorhome, Mystic, sunshiner, Dani, Miss, 13rook3, snowymistyriver, BunnyC, TexasHoosier,Lori,Bryan Kraai, Kim, Kathy, Ang, Janice, Alaska Steve, Frieda, Mom, Ernie, Joann, Austin, Shirley, Ken,AND BUTTONS All join me at "OUR" Tables in the Chart Room?
Frieda wanted Only salad and Fruit so as to help with her 'Diet' so I hope this suffices!!
For the Rest of us though, the Shrimp and Artichoke Crepes are just waiting, along with
The Dessert Table, Chocolate cake a plenty!!
The Chefs all wanted to say Hi, and wish a plesent Lunch to all Of you guys!! HUGE POST TODAY, so let's get right to it and start with the Boats in Dutch and all the other "Dirt"
No, Not you yet, you snazzy little boat, You come later, Now Hush, Be Quiet or I won't put you in the post!!

The Farwest Leader was tied up at the Trident Dock alng side another boat that will be talked about LATER. I really enjoyed them on the show, Much more than the Early Dawn that replaced them.
YES Northwestern, we can all see your Opilio Pots. Yes it is nice that the boys all did them before they went on holiday. Now Be quiet!!!

I did not really care for the Rollo on the show, but she was out at the Spit Dock. This Baby has some "Back", by far the "Widest" of the boats ever on the show.
OK, OK Northwestern, everyone can see that your pots are already rigged for Opies!! You have not listened so you are going into "Time Out" Little Lady!!! Now HUSH!!!
I really liked the Maverick when it was on the show, until Blake took over that is. Ever since then they have had some issues, including lots of fines for Undersize crabs!!
The Early Dawn in the "Small Boat Harbor" or the "Ghetto Harbor" as it is know in Dutch. I have mentioned before my dislike for this boat right?
THAT IS IT NORTHWESTERN!!! You are now going Last. I Hope you are happy!! Edgar is not even at the controls so WHY would anyone want to see them? Don't look at me that way. Next time you will wait!
Though not a personal favorite it is nice to see the North American Again. Even is she is blocking the view of one of my favorites, the Cornelia Marie!
The Size difference is interesting, as is how they both "Ride" in the water.
No Pots already rigged on board for Opies!! Looks like the boys have some work to do once they get back to town!!!
The Wheelhouse is just waiting for you Phil!!!
Come back soon!!!
I Hear you over there Northwestern!!! No Playing with your coiler. You are in a Time Out!!
The Wizard was parked in the Middle of the Dock at Westward Seafoods (The Prime Location, no long walks on the dock to get there). Someone down there must like them as much as I do!!
The New Paint Job looks AWESOME and the engines were purring like Kittens!! Money well spent Keith!! And Good job on rigging the pots before you left guys!! Saves you alot of time in the nasty weather we are having right now!!
Yes Northwestern, it is FINALLY your turn.
As Always Additional Security is Provided by SEAGULL ENTERPRISES. Seagull Enterprises, cleaning up humanity's messes since 10,000BC! Call for a quote Today!
Yes, yes, the New paint job is awesome looking, I do agree. VERY Sharp!
You are a little close to the Dock though, Who Parked you? JAKE?
How many times has Sig yelled through that window, or opened that door to "Check on His Crab"?
Yes, yes, yes, The Boys were smart to do the pots before Opies.
Looks like a new block so hopefully no Edgar repairs at sea this year!!

Seriously Jake, You are going to scratch the Paint all up!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the First Brunch of 2009. I try to post every day, and as news warrants. Check back soon!!



Kim said...

wow. Brunch looks delicious. they outdid themselves this time. this diet thing really isnt working. CB is killing it.

Love the pics of the boats.

Reading said...

Brunch looks divine.....the pics of the boats look great but it looks a little bit cold yep.......if you ever see Rick or Donna from the Maverick tell them Hi and they are missed on DC.....

Dani said...

ohh brunch is lookin good... i got my eyes on the chocolate cake!! love the DC pictures and good to see so many of the northwestern(one of my favourites)and also good to see cornelia marie!! i just wish time bandit was around.

Mystic said...

Yeah baby! Da Wizard is in da house! Thanks for snapping some fab pics of her!
I've been trying to hit the salad too, so if Frieda is willing to share, I think I'm going to have a little salad too! OH and an extra spicy Bloody Mary please!
Hey ya Jr. and all the Chefs!
HUGS to you CB.
Keep an eye out for my boys!

Kim said...

Keep an eye out for Murray...hes supposed to be up there as well. CB love the commentary. No putting my pretty lady in time out though. Shes just showing off! No harm in that. Thanks for that little pic though. Freida I hope you are willing to share. Those salads look incredible.

crabby in jersey said...

Screw the diet, I'll have the crepes! I miss Rick and Donna too, I never really acquired a taste for Blake either-to stuck up!
Keep an eye out for Phil and the boys. I'll stick to the diet all week so I can dig in again next Sunday.

Carlisleboy said...

Thanks Guys and Gals!! It took me almost 4 hours to post all of those pictures at the internet speeds out here on the island, and we have one of the fastest around!!
It actually took me longer to post thanto take the photos themselves!!
Have a great Sunday!!

Melly said...

Wow brunch looks awesome! I think I just gained five pounds :-o

Dang who parked the NW like that? That's gonna leave a mark!. Seriously though...not good.

Kathy said...

What a nice set of pictures to have to enjoy while waiting at the airport! Now I'm extra hungry and wanting to watch the DC dvds in my suitcase. Talk about frustration! Thanks, CB!

Fizz Wood. said...

mmmmm. foood!
brunch looks very good! thanks for making me laugh so much! naughty northwestern lmao!

Alexis08r said...

Brunch look simply yummy from the salad to the dessert. Thanks for all the pics of the boats and of Dutch.

mbg2001z2 said...

great blog, just started checking out because of phil harris site. only one question, what about the TIME BANDIT?

Carlisleboy said...

Time Bandit has not gotten in yet. As soon as she does you will see it on here!!!

Carlisleboy said...

Kim, The NW soooo Deserved the Time out!!! Seriously. She was also picking on all the other boats that did not have new paint jobs!!

Melly said...

CB, inquiring minds want to know...can you read what the sign says on the wheelhouse door (NW)? lol If you're wondering...that was me who emailed you :-)

Carlisleboy said...

It is just a sign noting that the vessels security system is tied into Trident and that any tresspassers will be apphrended and prosecuted. They take security pretty seriously around here when it comes to the boats.

Melly said...

Aha thank you very much :-)

Cape Sarichef Aveda Salon said...

Come on CB, our next adventure is to have brunch 'to-go' and have a boat party!! :) Sounds like fun to me!! It was about 23 degrees earlier, I'm sure it has warmed a bit, but can you imagine being in the elements when they go fishing? Nope...I'm a land lover. ;)

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Oh my! Frieda and Mystic, please make room for me at that fruit salad! YUM! (Also, if the boys at the bar could whip up a little vodka and cranberry...I'd be much obliged!)

Now, for the boats...WIZARD!!!! YAY! She does look good doesn't she? Thanks for the great shots! I wouldn't mind seeing a few more shots of the North American too! ;) All the boats are looking good and I loved how the NW kept trying to steal the thunder today. LOL!!!

Thanks for another delicous brunch and tour!

MsGiantsFan said...

Thanks foe keeping us updated on the boats. Great pics!

seemoore said...

Hey CB, Love your website and comments regarding crab boats. Am a big fan of the Cornelia Marie. I'll be checking back often. hhSeemoore

Miss said...

I am a little late today but the brunch looks scrumptious! The chefs out did themselves. I seriously can not wait for the new season now! Northwestern looks great. I can't wait to see the Time Bandit, they are one of my faves! Can you tell I am just a wee bit excited? Thanks for brunch!!

Kim said...

Well CB the other boats should make themselves nice and pretty by getting fresh paint. The NW is a very pretty vessel and should be proud of her owners for taking such wonderful care ofher. They should punish whoever tied her that close to dock though. Rubbing all that nice paint off. Silly boys.

Mick Muise said...

I would have been ALL OVAH that dessert table!

And pics of the Maverick!! *sighs* Oh, how I miss the Mav.

Thanks for all your pics of the DH scenery and boats (and food!) CB! I know it must take you forever to upload them, but I love every pic you post!

gbbarb said...

Brunch looks great but I ignoring the desserts because they look way too good.

Hey CB, is there any place where I can look on-line to find out the names of the captains of the crab boats?

Leigh said...

The shrimp looks yummy!! & of course the deserts as always.

Love the pictures!! I'm with mbg I can't wait for Time Bandit pics :)

Margrita said...

CB you throw a great brunch love the crepes and the avocados. The view and pictures were excellent thanks for sharing them with us.

mamawas said...

What exciting pictures Thank you
I noticed the North American does not appear on the DC storyboards (I sponsor my school's yearbook and woek with storyboards every year) so I assume she is not on this year's show. I did enjoy the mellow John Skaar.
DC has the best deckbosses

Kathy said...

CB, in case we don't tell you enough, you are doing an AWESOME job with your pictures and blog! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us!

Frieda said...

Thanks for the special diet CB. Tell the chef's that the following rule applies till further notice.
Salad nicoise and dutch harbor water
Requested today for my mother's daughter
Fresh fruit for desert if it won't start a riot
I need everyone's help to stay on this diet!
Also, only you, CB, would put 'Our Lady of the Bering' into a time out!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm, your blog is yummy! you so rule with those pictures! love 'em!

Darryl said...

Nice meeting you this weekend, CB. Sorry I missed out on the buffet. I wound up getting back to Akutan on the Farwest Leader, where several of the folks were losing their breakfasts (not me, tho). I'll look you up next time I'm visiting from your neighboring island to the NE.

Lori said...

Awe CB - you are THE BEST! Brunch looked great, even though I wasn't able to make it. Thought of you all day yesterday though and wishing I could get on and chat. The boats - well, you know which one is my favorite! I enjoyed your story and humor! Thank you for all you do for us - Love ya - Happy New Year!

ErieLady said...

Wow, that food looks good enough to eat. That is it, I am moving to Dutch. Hey CB find me a job, I am a logistics wiz. LOL

The boats all look so pretty. Even that bad boat (NW). Seriously, who parked her. It looks like I was at the helm. JK. And quit picking on the NA, she looks very beautiful there guarding the CM from any mad seagulls.

Thanks for the great snaps of the food, the boats, the atmosphere. Still no voice, or I would be saying "great job".

Carlisleboy said...

MOrning All!!!
Answers to questions posed bellow
gbbarb: NOt that I know of but I will look
mamawas: no, the North American is not on this years show
Frieda and Kim: The NW was a bad little girl yesterday. Even the best of children sometime need some discipline.
Darryl: And remember there is a Trident boat that seems to head to Akutan every day if you need something shipped to you, just ask!!
Erie Lad: Was not really picking on the North American, just not one of my favorites. For your cold try this tea I make up.
Earl Grey Tea bags
One GREEN apple (Must be green)
One pear
3 tablespoons of honey
Boiling water.
Allow the fruit to come to room temperature and then slice VERY thinly, use 1/4 to 1/2 of each fruit per tea steeping.
Place the fruit in a large glass and pour over the boiling hot water.
Place in the the bags for steeping.
And Honey to taste.
Between the Tannins in the tea and the fruit it always does wonders for everyone who tries it!!
(BTW I got this recipe from Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) and Harrison Ford when they stayed at my hotel in Wisconsin for the EAA Festival. Their Child was sick and Calista came right on in to the kitchen with me to help make it. Great people!! Much better than other celebs I have meet!!)

rpascale said...

CB, Fabulous Bruch, Thanks. Hey, I'll make you a deal. Get a picture of Johnathan from Time Bandit for me and I'll give you my first born. Ok, I won't really give you my first born, I'm kind of attached to her. But how about a nice cowboy from Texas???

Anonymous said...

Fandamntastic brunch CB!!! Does that choco cake happen to have a little Grand Marnier in it? Woo hoo!!! Thanks, gracious host!

Hugs, Ell

HHElliana said...

BTW CB, would you ask your chefs if they make an Italian dish my mother used to make, called Bracciole? I love it, occasionally make it at home, and would love to try it when my friends and I come up to Dutch!

Thanks a bunch and tell them, great job! Emeril would be proud.

Carlisleboy said...

Do you do it with beef, pork or veal HHE?

purrduedvm said...

Wow..that is some spread...Thanks for the invite. Those crepes and dessert are right up my alley. I work out so I can enjoy this stuff :) I'll also have a cham-cham if ya got Chambord and champagne!

I love your commentary and photos of all the boats. Your comments about the NW reminded me of my naughty but oh so cute and full of herself kitten!

chefboy077 said...

HHE, I hav'nt made bracciole in years, but wouldnt mind doing it again. Classic italian is always a favorite.

Helen said...


Thanks ever so much for the PERFECT window seats! The fruit salad and crepes were my intended fare. I told you I wasn't too hungry but ate ample helpings of everything else when you weren't looking! lol.

As promised I didn't dribble in public. One more glass of champagne and it just may have happened, lol.

Kudos and thanks once again,

Anonymous said...

Hey CB - My first choice is veal, scallopini, then stuffed and rolled. Second choice is beef, top round. Never use pork because it shreds to easily. Ell

Carlisleboy said...

Hey Everyone!!!
chefboy077 is in the picture of all the chefs on the far left side. He makes incredible salads and knows just how I like my club sandwiches!!! Everyone say HI!!!

HHElliana said...

Hi Chef! Nice to meet ya. I'm looking forward to that bracciole, and a full Italian Classic meal when my friends and I come out for our visit. Keep up the good work, hon! Hugs, HH Elliana

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone knew of a John Newman? Or any Newmans for that matter; that crabbed up there?