Saturday, January 3, 2009

Morris Cove, Wild Horses, and A Preview of The Deadliest Catch Boats for Sunday Brunch

It was a BEAUTIFUL Day,
Up Dutch Harbor way.
What you do on the First,
You will be doing all year.
What to do? What to do?
I Pondered a Bit,
And then thought back
Ten Days Plus Three
To a Promise I made,
You friends of mine,
and Morris Cove as Destination
Quickly Sprang to mind.
Out past Summer Bay,
Far Beyond Little Priest Rock,The Road Keeps on Going,
Up, Up and Up!!
Till You get to a place,
(Magic some say)
Where Wild Horses come,
To romp, dance and play!
A bit timid they were,
Due to some kids on a 4-Wheeler,
Still I felt Blessesd
To Finally See them!
Even as they marched away.....
The Gateway to the Bering,
And the Secrets she holds,

Was on full display,
in these photos bellow.

Far too soon for me,
It was time to head home,

Over Hill,
Over Dale,

Over Mountain and Rock,
The Road home was longer
Than the road Out!!

Still Back Home,
What is waiting for me?
It would be that saucy Lady,
The Cornelia Marie

Oh, and What is that way down the Dock?
I really can not for the Life of me make it out.
Maybe tomorrow we shall see,
the end to this Mystery....

Happy New Year All!!

To You From Me,

Loving Dutch Harbor

And the Bering Sea!!


Fizz Wood. said...

these are amzing pictures!!! thanks so much for posting them!

Dani said...

cant wait till tomorrows brunch to see the rest of the pictures!!!

Ang said...

Love the pictures - awww those horses. Can't wait for tomorrow's brunch.

Carlisleboy said...

Thanks Fizz!!
And Hi Dani!!
Junior Says Hi Right back too!!!

Leigh said...

WOW what beautiful pictures!! How fortunate you are to be where you are.

Seen the Time Bandit yet? :)

Kim said... are a tease!!!!! Ill be there bright and early for brunch. Please save me a window seat. Thanks!!

Dani said...

well hi to junior too.
i have just noticed that on the map it shows me as being in edinburgh...which im not!! i guess they dont do the UK all that well.

Carlisleboy said...

So Where are you? I was actually going to ask an Edinburgh question as a book I am reading now takes place there. (It is a Fun Fantasy novel set there where the Fey live side by side unseen with the city of today)

Dani said...

im in belfast in northern ireland. this place is probably too rural so its just the closest big city.

Frieda said...

I'll be there for the brunch
But abnormally quiet
It seems on the first
I started a diet!
So Virgin Mary's for me
And lean protein too
For I have 30 pounds
In '09 to do!

Melly said...

Great pictures thank you for posting them for us!

BunnyC said...

Thanks for the amazing pictures CB. Can't wait to see what's in store for brunch tomorrow.

Kathy said...

What wonderful pictures you got for us this week, CB - they're awesome as always. Afraid I won't be able to make Sunday brunch this week. I'm meeting family here in Ottawa for brunch before heading to the airport and back to North Carolina. You can bet that Denny's isn't going to have anything that will compare to the spread at the Grand. :o(

Did I hear correctly that you might be willing to share a few spoilers about the coming DC season with a few folks via email? I LOVE being spoiled (blush), but I'm also very discrete. Spoilers come in, but they don't go back out until I implode. At that point, they wouldn't be much good to anyone! :o)

Anyway, back to brunch here - could you save me a treat from the dessert table? A tiny cheesecake or a bowl of apple crumble would be wonderful. Hope everyone has a lovely meal, and I'll see you from the flip side!

Carlisleboy said...

ARRGGH 13 POsts. I just can not let that happen!!!

Alaska Steve said...

Hey CB, I can't make brunch tomorrow, I'm working. Goldfish is home though, maybe give her a call? I know she wanted to see you to drop off your cheesecake pan.

Great pictures, it's awesome the road is still clear enough to get out to Morris, usually avalanches have closed it for the winter. Not much of a winter so far!

Copperpossum said...

As usual,gorgeous photography mixed with a dash of wit; CB,you are a treasure!

ErieLady said...

You are such a tease!!! I'll not be able to make brunch, unlike Frieda my quietness is not caused to dieting, but a very nasty cold and laryngitis. I don't want to get any one sick.

HHElliana said...

Hello! I enjoy the gorgeous pictures, and will be paying you a visit sometime in 09', so watch out for the Balmer "Hon"! BTW, did I mention I'm bringing a few of Phil Harris' hotties with me? And I'll make a deal with you - I won't have a problem with your Republican image, if you don't screw with my democrat image.
Seriously, enjoying this!

Happy New Year. HH Elliana

Elizabeth Douglas said...

I am continually in awe of your pictures! WOW! Alabama does not lend itself to snowy mountains so every shot is a real treat!! Thanks!!!

Margrita said...

Awesome job on the poem and the pictures thanks for sharing them. Your blog is great, Kudos, Kudos.

Lori said...

Totally awesome pics! Finally got some decent snow and the mountains are beautiful. I love to change my desktop everyday and will use a few of these. Hey, I have to drop you an e-mail so you can "spoil" me too!

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Jennifer said...

CB, thankyou so very much for sharing your stories and pictures. I see I am going to have a grand ol' time reading your blogs! Can't wait for more of your stories and adventures you will share!

purrduedvm said...

Gorgeous stunning photos..thank you so much for sharing!

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