Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Brunch, Cornelia Marie Dry-Dock, The Wizard, AND Happy Birthday Dani!, Starring Junior

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Frieda, you REALLY must try the Crab Salad with assorted Veggies
The Chicken Provincial is AMAZING today, especially if you like Capers!!
The Lasagna is Also Quite good.Seeing as it is Dani's Birthday, Junior went all out on Desserts Today!!
Dani, You can give some of these to your friends at school who brought you cake......
....But this piece is Just for You. Enjoy!!!!
Now, On to Deadliest Catch News.
Sig has STILL not made it in. The weather was just Alwful the past few days and NO flights made it in. Which delayed my other suprises till Today or Tomorrow. Hopefully you Time Bandit and Northwestern fans will soon be happy.
Now On to the Cornelia Marie Dry-Dock!!
It was Quite Chilly on Friday as the CM Prepared to Move to Magone's for the Drydock. There is Freddie getting topside ready.
The DC crew was capturing every moment of the action as the engines fired up and the CM moved away from the North American and into the bay.
AND YES!!! Phil is Behind the Wheel once again!!!!

The Cornelia Marie has to head down past Alyeska Seafoods to emerge into the bay that leads to the Spit Dock, where Magone's is located.
There she is off in the distance, Really an impressive ship! (Also notice the Camera rig they have set up on the Stimson Dock)
And Just where are they headed?
THIS Dry-Dock Berth....
....At Magones. It may not look like much But this Multi Million Dollar company produces Miracles every year with "repairs on the Fly" for many of the boats you are all fans of. If they are "Going to Dutch for Repairs" they are coming here!

The Cameras Capture every angle and shot.....
.............As the CM has to Maneuver to "Back" into the Drydock.
JAKE!!! Watch you do not fall when you are climbing around like that!!!
Captain Phil Behind the Wheel.
Just to give you a Size Comparison. There is the CM alongside the Stimson, the Alaska State Troopers Ship based in Dutch.
The Berth is waiting Phil....
..........Easy now..........

.........good, good.......keep her coming.........
AND You Got It!!!!
Congratulations Phil. you have not lost your touch!!!
And now the Raising of the CM (This took about 2-3 hours and I could not be around for all of it )

So the CM is safe in Drydock, and Now on to the WIZARD, and some shots I did not show you yesterday.
Here is the Ladder down to the Deck right by the Wheelhouse on the Port Side. (Fun to Climb Down, let me tell you, especially with wet and icy boots)
There is the coat room right bellow the ladder.
This is the View from the Deck looking up at Westward Seafoods, where the Wizard offloads. Unlike Unisea the Westward Dock is HIGH, and you end up boarding the Wizard at the same level as the Wheelhouse and then moving on down to the main deck.
Right Under the wheelhouse windows there is this cool little bell that I never noticed on the show.
The Pots are all chained down and ready to go!
This is what I mean when I say the Dock is High. See, the Wheelhouse is the same level as the dock. (Makes for a fun crossing over to the boat, Remember "Monkey Bars" from when you were a kid? Think of that and then translate it to freezing temps, ice, snow, windgusts, and a moving ship. Actually It was REALLY Fun)
The Galley where Keith and Mouse give their "Pep talks"

ANd Finally Me. I have two pictures of me and Keith, taken by Mouse. On one I look good and Keith does not. On this one Keith Looks good and I have my tongue sticking out of my mouth and a gimace on my face as I was trying to adjust to some snow that had made it's way down the back of my neck. So THAT is the reason for the rectangle. NO MORE QUESTIONS ON THAT!!!

Keith and all the Guys on the Wizard were great. You can see why they are the Most respected crew of any ship on Deadliest Catch in Dutch Harbor. Keith is a Professional, strict Captain that has the respect of EVERY one I have spoken too, Unlike some of the other Boats that will remain Nameless......... But the guys have fun too still bring home the quota. Great Ship, Great Crew, Great Captain(s)!!!

Thanks Guys, and Thank You Mystic for all your hard work on the

Keith and the Guys all think you are TOPS!!! (Especially Pork-Chop)

Ok Everyone. Have a great Sunday!!


Reading said...

what cool pics, brunch looks fantastic - dare I ask why is there a white rectangle over the mouth? Was Capt Phil the one who was moving the Cornelia Marie to the dry dock? The things you see everyday out your window sure make my life seem boring. Can I have another drink and some dessert?

Frieda said...

CB? Did Keith silence you? The salad looks lovely and Junior is cuter than a bug in a rug. Dani is a lucky girl!

Janice said...

I do not handle anticipation very well. Post man, post. Here I am with my cocktail (it's 5 o'clock somewhere) waiting, waiting, waiting!!!

mm said...

Cool pics, you even got some of the boat "junior's" dad is the captain of!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Another wonderful gallery of pictures! Loved the shots of the CM and the extra shots of the WIZ!!! Thanks for all the great shots! Also, those potatoes look extremely delish. Brunch is great as always.
Was there some secret being revealed that the white box had to conceal? lol! ;)

Ang said...

Brunch looks great! The pictures are great! Glad to hear Phil is behind the wheel. I hope Sig and anyone else that may still stranded getting to Dutch make it soon and safely.

Dani said...

food = lookin good
table = looks good
cake = lookin good (love the candle)
junior = lookin good
so basically everything looks good and it has definately been the best birthday brunch ever,thanks CB and also thanks to junior!!!
good to see phil behind the wheel again and its really interesting to see pics of the CM going into drydock. AND im glad to see the picture of you!!

Leigh said...

great pictures of the CM! you're the best!! the food looks yummy!!

..still waitin on my time bandit & the hilllstrand boys :)

Carlisleboy said...

You're Welcome Dani. I am going to do anotherposting in a bit so I can put up a Google Map of the Route the CM took to Drydock, As well as some pictures of the Bloody Mary Bar which I have just realized that I have never put on the Sunday Brunch Post!!
So in other words More Booze all around!!!!

Dani said...

ohhhh booze...and i am now legal to drink...anyone gonna buy me a birthday drink? or i gotta get my own?? haha although of course i cant have too many as i got school tomorrow unfortunately!!!!

Dani said...

oh and forgot to about some top secret deadliest catch information just for me??

Mystic said...

Wow! What a brunch today! Lasagna is one of my favs, but only a little...dang Christmas lbs are still sticking to my thighs!
I am thrilled to hear Phil is back behind the wheel of the CM. I hope he is truly healed and ready to go. Any estimate on how long she will be in dry dock?
I guess Sig is stuck in Anchorage? I'm assuming Edgar had already made it in. As he is one of the absolute best Deck bosses and Engineers, I'm sure he is getting the NW ready! I hope the weather slacks soon.
Now, you know I'm always thrilled to see more Wizard pics. Sheesh...I didnt' know she had a bell there either! Liz has been aboard her several times, but I have only seen her in pics. Liz..did you see the bell?
I'm so very pleased that you had a fun tour and day with the guys! Remind me to tell you what Keith said about Art's blanket...oh lordy!
Thanks again CB for bringing Dutch to all of us here in the lower 48 and all over the world!
P.S. a well done Bloody Mary is one of my FAVS! Extra Spicey please!

Mystic said...

Dani...first one is on me...pint?

Kim said...

CB you have outdone yourself! Brunch looks fantastic. Happy Birthday Dani! Ill buy your first one! Love the CM's journey to drydock. I think it gives us a better understanding of the amount of work that they do just to get a boat out of water. Thanks for the pic of yourself and Keith!

purrduedvm said...

Oooh..those pink filled cannolli's looked delish!!! SO SO happy to hear that Phil is back in action!!! Hope it goes smoothly for him. Wishing well to all the crews - esp the NW...whom I'm sure is longing for her captain!

Reading said...

I love the commentary - glad I didn't have to get onto the boat - can you say woman overboard!!!

gbbarb said...

Thanks for the CM pictures CB and I'm ignoring that brunch because it looks way too good. I need close ups of Jake not pictures of him climbing on the boat. I was good today I didn't even post on the 13th comment. (I wasn't here in time but we are ignoring that and pretending that I was a good girl)

Dani said...

thanks for the birthday wishes and drinks...much appreciated!!

mamawas said...

we love you CM..hooked on the blog. Looks like in dry dock the dock itself lifts out of the water, follow the concrete wall on the starboard side of the CM and notice it rises as she rises.
I like the crab salad table with asparagus and deviled eggs if a place is available Brian

your "mamawas"

Mick Muise said...

OMG the brunch pics always make me so hungry! Thanks for taking (and posting) so many pics of the dry docking CB! That is very interesting how it is done and I've always wondered how they managed to get ships that size dry docked!

Copperpossum said...

Marvelous post as usual from our intrepid blogger;the food photos are gorgeous enough to make you lick your screen.Crossing fingers and sending out a sea blessing for Phil/crew & the CM (she is my Alabama sister,as she was constructed about 30 miles from my home).Blog on,CB!

Helen said...


It MADE MY DAY to see the Cornelia Marie and to know Phil was behind the wheel! Okay, so the pic of him behind the wheel wasn't CLEAR but I do realize you can only work miracles most of the time. I'm good with that, lol...

I am thoroughly enjoying your narratives and the pics. Almost like being there and soooo much cheaper. Please keep the information coming and I'll definitely devour every word.

It takes a special kind of person to work under Bering Sea conditions. They have my utmost admiration and respect!

I applaud you for sharing your words and pictures, and for this Blog as a whole.


Helen said...


It MADE MY DAY to see the Cornelia Marie and to know Phil was behind the wheel! Okay, so the pic of him behind the wheel wasn't CLEAR but I do realize you can only work miracles most of the time. I'm good with that, lol...

I am thoroughly enjoying your narratives and the pics. Almost like being there and soooo much cheaper. Please keep the information coming and I'll definitely devour every word.

It takes a special kind of person to work under Bering Sea conditions. They have my utmost admiration and respect!

I applaud you for sharing your words and pictures, and for this Blog as a whole.


Margrita said...

CB brunch was awesome love the stuffed olives and the capers you get those again. Thanks for all the news and the great pictures. I love the picture tour of the Wizard very cool.nice pictures of the Stimson.

valerie said...

Thanks so much for the welcome, I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I found your blog, your photos are amazing, thank you for taking us exploring with you almost feels like I'm there, just warmer

Thank you also on the updates on the CM and Phil, happy to hear he's well enough to be there

ps..the food looks wonderful and bleu cheese olives are great ! Happy Birthday to Dani

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Hey Mystic, I've seen the bell, yeah! I do love the Wiz...and all aboard. CB, or anyone else, I've got some good pics of the boat and crew on my myspace, feel free to take a look if you like. I'm always up for sharing good shots. There are a few of the Time Bandit and several other boats too.

They are in my "kickin' it AK 08" album and my "vagabond" album starting on page 2.

There's a link to my myspace in my blogger profile...CB, I just didn't want to post a link without your OK.

Also, glad to hear Phil's back at the wheel!

Fizz Wood. said...

brunch looked fantastic CB! especialy the crab salad! just a teeny question, do you know what is actually wrong with CM? i am dying to know!

Sue said...

If just seeing the DC boats don't get me to Alaska, I think your dessert bar might! Yumm-O!
Great pictures and I couldn't be happier that Phil is back in the helm. Thanks for posting a picture of you with Keith too! He looks way too serious!

Lori said...

Oh, I've got to have the recipe for the Chicken Provinical - I love capers and it looks awesome! Great posting! OK, so now you're teasing us about the NW and TB! Glad to see Phil is back - can hardly wait until April - but hey, you're doing a super job of keeping me from having DC depervation! Happy Monday!

rpascale said...

I'm going to have to come visit just to taste the food. It always looks fabulous. And I know you said no comments about the bar across your face on the picture but it sort of reminded me of Wilson from Home Improvement. Funny. Thanks for the glimpse.
Where o' where is the Time Bandit!!They are going to be late.

Lori said...

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday Dani!

Shades said...

Love your blog, it is so much fun to follow and a gooy way to follow our guys too. Thanks for the welcome.

Miss said...

Oh I am so late on this one..

First things first, Happy Birthday Dani, I hope you had a good one!

The brunch again was beautiful and the views were spectacular!

Phil is behind the wheel again...that is beyond awesome!

I loved your pic with Keith! Too cute!

Jennifer said...

CB thanks again for the updates. Lunch looks absoulutly WONDERFUL.....I am in for Lasanga please!!!!!! and some of those yummy desserts are to die for! My weakness, what can I say! Just looking at them I think I may have gained 10 lbs! (SMILE)

Great pic's of CM, and so glad to hear Phil is back at the helm! So looking forward to Season #5 words can not describe!

Loved the pic of you and Capt Keith! LOL

Take Care CB! If you see Capt Phil, tell him that I said "WELCOME BACK"! WE MISSED YOU ;)

Jess said...

CB, I love reading your blog!! Did you find out if Crosby is still single? The rumors are spreading like wildfire that he is off the market..sigh.

Ranee said...

Love your blog and your pictures. I am so happy to see Captain Phil back in the wheelhouse where he belongs. Saw him in Milwaukee in August and he didn't know yet if he would be back or not. Now at least I know where I can go to get infor before the next season airs.

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