Monday, January 19, 2009


THis is ALL that Blogger is allowing me to upload today!!!!!!!!
*sniffle* This is not fair.
*sniffle* Internet problems happen to other people, not ME!!!

Sorry Everyone. Once I head home I will pray a Novena for better luck tomorrow, Or Tonight if I get out of here at a decent time.

OH, BTW JANICE!!! Congrats on your 100th Follower Call!! Forward me your addy at my e-mail and I am sending out the Dutch Harbor t-shirt of your choice!!

For everyone else, just be patient. I will get this thing working again!!


mamawas said...

we love ya CB thanks for our daily DC boat fix

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hey CB, couple questions:

1. Is that you in the photo with Edgar in the posts below?
2. You mentioned to stay the hell away from DH during crab season for any number of reasons, to include stupidly-high air fares, no room at the inn, etc. What's a room (IF you could get one) going for per day, during crab season at the Grand Aleutian?
3. Out of the crab season, what do rooms go for?

And finally: man, how do you manage to take so many photographs and make so many blog posts?? All I can say is that you're doing one helluva great job and, I'm sure, everyone appreciates it.

In any event, fabulous blog! Great job! And SOME day I AM gonna visit!


Jax said...

Oh it's just because you teased me about Time Bandit pics! I do love the one you got up there, nice shot of the new jolly roger paint job!
Thanks for working so hard on this, bad Blogger!!!

Nebraska Outback said...

Awwww CB - We feel your pain! We love ya even if you can't post any picts.

EMTSrescue said...

awwwwww...CB...Thanks for this awesome blog!! Keep up the good work!!


Reading said...

How about lighting a candle or two to go along with that Novena? and who is the Saint of Blogs? LOL...
poor thing wish I could help you but I am clueless when it comes to these things. Well not the Novena or the candle lighting!!

And to Lori I knew you would figure it out!!

Carlisleboy said...

1. Yup
2. between $200.00 and $350.00
3. Depends on Season. Average $150.00
And Finally, I have my camera with me at all times, and my i-phone as backup. Usually I am running around and doing my job while pictures upload and I am handling the daily crisises of the Housekeeping department. I have coem to believe that unless it is totally out of focus, it is Impossible to take a bad photo here in Dutch.
As to the Visit....I would love for everyone to visit, just have realistic expectaions. No matter how big and bold you are you will not get a job on one of the DC boats. The Crews are all nice but they have a job to do, usually 16-20 hours a day getting ready for the seasons. This is a remote island so the price of everything is high. This is not the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, it is nice, better than anything else this remote in the world, but the clientelle is hard on the rooms, and sometimes it shows. If you go to the bar you will see a fight or two. If you are bnear the processing plants or the boats there is an odor. HOWEVER you get to be in one of the most beautiful places on earth with people who have worked their way up from very little to huge positions. Our Current Mayor started off on the Crab processing lines. Almost all of the managers at the Unisea plant started off there as well as the Hotel staff and managers. This place is what America is all about. With hard (AND I MEAN HARD) work, and excellence, the sky is the limit.
This is the Real America

Frieda said...

pc problems here too CB, just got on to give you your daily hug. talk to you tomorrow

Reading said...

I love your comments about fights CB, my daughter went to Alaska several years ago. And one afternoon I got three frantic phone calls because a bar fight had spilled onto the street in front of them. She had never seen anything like ti and it scared her to death. And I do think it is hard to take a bad picture in Alaska.

Kim said...

Yes thats our cutie CB with Edgar! BTW who took that pic of you guys lol. Yikes on the room rates during crab season! Dont worry...we wont hang you for the lack of pics...we know its bloggers fault! Catch a breath...take our hugs with you. Enjoy that beautiful scenery.

Cape Sarichef Aveda Salon said...

Well since I grew up here I have to comment a little. If you want to make it here, you can. Look on the City Website, we always have jobs open and pay well. With great benefits and retirement. Our hardest tackle is the lack of land 'for sale'. There is none. Therefore homes and rentals are pretty high. UNLESS you get a job with Unisea which provides room and board. I have known many people who start at Unisea and move to the City or other jobs, again it's the housing situation. The smell from the canneries, is the smell of money, you either get used of it or you don't. It's not all year long, and the wind blows quite often, so no worries. I think the best time to travel to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor is in the Summer. August is a good month, velvet green hills, fishing, and picking blueberries & salmonberries. Not to mention hiking, pic-nics, bonfires, endless summer nights. Softball is a hit here in the summer, as it is light here until after midnight! We don't have the 'tourist' season as the rest of the state because of our lovely airfare rate. I can go on....but I think you get the picture. Just a few thoughts from HP, and yes I did process crab in high school, made some good money, but long hard hours!! Don't miss it a bit :)!!

Helen said...


They say patience is a virtue. I'm working on it... Honest. Can't wait to see the pics!

Cornelia Marie too please if you can and please tell Ding, Dong, and Dad I said hello and miss them!


Bonnie said...

Oooooh Lucky #13 I've waited all night to grab this number! It's my fav...Im twisted like that :)
Do I get a DH prize too?

purrduedvm said...

Wow CB you are up to 103 followers! Very cool that you bring this world to us. I feel like I'm really there with all those pics. Having said that I appreciate what you are saying about ppl coming up there, etc. I'd hope ppl would ALREADY know what you have enumerated but then again, dealing with ppl as I do, I can see WHY you put that list there. Thanks for answering all our questions and you answered one of mine BEFORE I could ask - could I use one of the lovely photos as a background. Thanks again!

TX Bandita Jamie said...

CB... you are the best babe! We appreciate EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING you do!

You hang in there... that big bad blog thing will work itself out and we'll be here awaiting all your wonderful prose and pics!

Lori said...

Great blog again and especially your "words of Dutch wisdom". I would think too, that summertime would be a much better time to visit rather than right now. And, can't you ferry in to Dutch? I thought I had read somewhere that it took about 3 days from Seattle? Maybe, I'm way off here, so if you know, please fill me/us in. Thank you for all you do for us DC fans and yes, I think you are right on about it being impossible to take a "bad" pic in Dutch or anywhere in AK for that matter.

And to Reading, my friend from the NW forum - :-) glad I figured you out!

Janice said...

Wow, imagine my surprise by your generous offer. I feel like jumping up and down saying "The new phone book is here, the new phone book is here!" Yeah, I'm a bit of a "Jerk". I will get in contact with you via pm. But what I really want is the map of DH which was posted on 12-28- Last brunch of 2008. In the pic of the story board you can see a map of DH off to the left. (All followers leave to check out the pic).


I am coming to visit Bro! Love the posts. It is probably warmer there!

Carlisleboy said...

Yes everyone that is my little sis!! Beautiful, Talented, Fabulous Son, and now FINALLY SINGLE AGAIN!!!!!!!!
Everyone please welcome her!!!


You're too kind! Glad I wasn't #13 - I would have set a bad example!

Reading said...

welcome to CB's lil sis!! I am on CB's PITA list but he loves me anyway cause I stay away from #13!!!

Welcome again, any secrets you want to share with us?

Dani said...

shame that blogger has been messing you about but hopefully it will be fine today!!
welcome CB's little sis!!


Thanks to all! Some secrets about my Bro?? Hmm, well you already know that he is cool, very hard working and a pro-cook. He has promised to fly me to DH, so look forward to pics of us together someday! He was a little crazy for comic books in his younger days, anything in the Marvel series. And of course he loved Star Wars, Star Trek. And his most beloved stuffed animal Lobo.

Ang said...

Welcome to CB's Little Sis. From another Little Sis (I have 3 older brothers). Love CB's pictures.

Elizabeth Douglas said...

A big welcome to the sis! Glad to have you aboard! Sounds like you've got a few interesting tidbits to share! LOL!

Kim said...

aww. Lobo? pics please little sis! Feel free to email me all the juicy tidbits you want! Im probably PITA #1. or 2. lol. But you gotta love CB. Its not like I intend to be just happens.

Fizz Wood. said...

That is a good thought on the Novena. hehe! A little note for Reading here: there isnt a patron saint for blogs, but there is a patron saint for computers and the internet! St Isidore apparrently!

who would have thought it!

Lori said...

Welcome CB's Little Sis! Love your bro - cool guy! Enjoy DH when you get there and looking forward to your pics! Blog and tell us what you think of everything. Have a safe flight!

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