Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Post today, TOOO BUSY

Sorry Guys and Gals, No post today. WAYYYYYYY too busy to even think about it.
Should have a few good ones over the next few days though, so Check back.
Summary so far
Boats and Crews all in
Captains Wager Done
Boats Scheduled to leave the 15th now
CM still in Drydock
Unalaska City Council Meeting tonight after a tour of boats for me today!
And the Fire Alarm went off in my building this moring at 5:43am. 5-4=1and 3 = 13. It is the 13th day, and when I divided up the rooms for the housekeeprs today they all got 13 rooms to clean
I blame GbBarb!!
Someone Better stop her from getting the 13th post today or there may not be one tomorrow!!!
Have a great Night


Reading said...

well I am tired just reading about your day. Have a blast.

Nebraska Outback said...

Pace yourself CB! We can't have you getting run down just when Opilio season is starting! And you'll have to look after the Captains and Crews for two more days. Take care.

Dani said...

hey no probs CB, i can wait till tomorrow....i think!! haha, have fun on the boat tours and i look forward to seeing some pictures!!!

mamawas said...

the quick updates have at least a dozen of us hooked on your blog you do have a message from me on the NW forum to respond to when you have a chance


gbbarb said...

I had no idea that I had such power, hmmm, what could I do if I put my mind into it.

Kim said...

where are ya gbbarb! Thinking about bumping some posts here for ya lol. JUST KIDDING CB!

Kim said...

and for a nonpost...it was pretty informative. lol. Get some sleep! Take a little rest and enjoy the scenery!

purrduedvm said...

Don't get run down CB. We'll be here waiting ....have fun with boat tours, etc.

gbbarb said...

No 13th post on the 13th - instead a weird Tuesday the 13th thought.

I was listening to the Wicked soundtrack and it came to me - Deadliest Catch the Musical. I can see dancing crabs and seals. Huge prop boats and crabs pots.

Hee, hee, I amuse me, probably not the rest of you but I guarantee some time in the next couple of days so will picture Deadliest Catch the Muscial scene in your head and laugh.

Take care of yourself CB and see you all tomorrow.

Kim said...

K we need a spew alert here CB. I already did that with coffee today and I dont wanna repeat that experience. It hurt a lot! DC the musical. lol.

BunnyC said...

CB try not to run yourself down. Enjoy the boat tours and give us the DC tidbits when you can.gbbarb I'm loving DC the musical! I see tights and crab pots!!!!Hee Hee

Miss said...

I love the 13th! I was born on the 13th and my brand new nephew was born on the 13th! I think I am only the 12th comment though, I hope! I hope you get some down time. Can't wait till tomorrow and get some rest!

Kim said...

hahahahahahahahaha 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gbbarb said...

Thank God Kim did the 13th post but so I can add these songs for DC the musical before I forgot the lyrics.

For all of us Cornelia Marie fans
(song to the tune of Ding-Dong the witch is dead from the Wizard of Oz)

Ding-dong the boys are back
Which cute boys? The Harris boys!
Ding-dong the Harris boys are back
Hide all the credit cards
They drive Phil nuts, it won’t be hard
Wake up the Harris boys are back

For Mystic (sung to tune of We're off to see the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz)

We're off to see the Wizard
The Colburn’s Wizard in Dutch
We hear they catch a lot of crab
Opilio, King and such
If ever, oh ever, a boat there was
The Colburn’s Wizard is one because
Because, because, because, because, because
Because of the crab they catch
We're off to see the wizard
The Colburn’s Wizard in Dutch!

(it’s hard to rhyme Dutch)

Don't worry Kim I find a song for Edgar but inspiration hasn't struck yet.

See what happens when you guys encourage me. The scary thing is it doesn't take me long to come up with these. I have a talent, useless and weird but a talent.

Kim said...

See I prevented gbbarb from posting 13...so we get a nice long DC filled post tomorrow right? OMG the Harris boys one was hysterical. I was already laughing at the post 13 thing when I read that so now my cheeks hurt. Do an Edgar one soon! lol.

CB please pass along our birthday wishes and love to our beloved Edgar tomorrow! <14th> I hope he has a great day!

TX Bandita Jamie said...

Wait... tour of the boats???? Holy Moly and your gonna make us wait!!!! Tease! NO really... take a day... you've earned it. We love you CB!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

CB, even when you don't say a lot, you sure say a lot! I hope you get some downtime soon and I'll be looking forward to your next post!

gbbarb, I'm reading Wicked right now! Love your Wizard song! LOL!

Carlisleboy said...

Kim, Kim, Kim
I Guess those two pictures of me and Edgar just get sent to family now.
Delighting Over 13
I Even got to hold his Ice Scraper.
But Now you will never see them.
Tisk Tisk

Mystic said...

GB!I adore your Wizard song!
Thanks for sharing it!

mamawas said...

gb, your poetic license brightens our days. I was singing each verse as I read and tried to sip my coffee w/o LOL
Thanks for your creativity

Lori said...

Well, it's a fact that I'll never be the 13th poster. Glad that I'll stay off of CB's "bad" list. LOL! Love the DC songs gbbarb! Waiting on the NW song. CB - something told me that you were very busy yesterday! And hey, I knew my boys wouldn't let you down. Too bad Kim's been a bad girl because I would love to see some Edgar pics! Please tell him HB from Lori from FL (that is if you see him). Remember "busy is good", so until your next post, well, we'll just "hang in there".

Kim said...

K Im gonna go stand in the corner for my time out. But Ill have you know...You never said I couldnt be the 13th poster. You just said not to let GBBarb be it. K Im gonna go cry now.

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