Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Books Life.................

SOOOO, Someone left a Robert Jordan Book Just lying Around; Abandoned and Alone.

And so It went looking for love in all the Wrong Places...........
.........The Girls in the Salon were quite amused by the Book, but then it decided it needed some fresh air.......
.......out by the APL crane.............
.........On the Back end of Strawberry Hill............. tried some sunbathing before noticing the sign...........
..........Then Decided to head to the Beach.......
..........Before Heading to the Spit Dock For a nice little Cruise.......
.....And Once that was done Gathered around the Burn Barrels out on Ballyhoo.........

Once it got Overheated it headed back to the Grand. Hoping that in the Future it would not be abandoned Again....................


Mick Muise said...

Will it be joining y'all for brunch tomorrow?

Dani said...

haha i love it...the book sure knows where to find all the best spots!!

Carlisleboy said...

Just so everyone can be in on the Joke, that Book is #11 in the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time Series, EASILY better than Tolkin. Jeff the one Chef has been reading the series from the beginning and I have had to censor myself since I have read them all. When I saw it there all alone I just knew I had been given a fun opportunity and took advantage of it!!
Hope you all enjoy

Mystic said...

Better than Tolkien?!?! Them is fighting words there Mr. CB! I have a passion for Tolkien's work; I even attended summer school at Exeter College, Oxford University, the school where he studied. Better than Tolkien? Nay I say..Nay!!!!!!!!!
Still luv ya though. :D

Carlisleboy said...

Until You have read it you will not understand. I did not think it was possible either, but I say thee thus, IT BE TRUE!!!

Reading said...

I love the pics, never thought of taking a book out for an adventure, I will say I definately had a better day for a beach trip than you did. Be careful if one of your followers has a 1st grader you may just end up giving Flat Stanley a tour of Unalaska and Dutch Harbor!!! As I said before you always make me smile.

Kim said...

Who needs Flat Stanley! We have CB for that! Thanks for the impromptu tour CB. lol. no one is better than Tolkien!

Leigh said...

My husband is a HUGE Robert Jordan fan!! These were great!! & yea he says he's much better than Tolkin too :)

mamawas said...

makes me wonder how he would entertain a lost puppy or kitten.
That paperback gets the royal treatment
Brunch is on the horizon

Frieda said...

Ok, now I have to add my name to the library's list of people too cheap to buy the series. Maybe Social Security should start a book a month club?

Alexis08r said...

Hey CB hope you are feeling better!

Thanks for the 'book tour' today. I love see the sites up there.
Thanks for all the pics and info that you post!

Maskerade said...

I have always wondered what my books got up to when I wasn't reading them. Seems they really do have secret lives all their own.

gbbarb said...

#13 - I wasn't going to but he challenged me and I can't resist a call to arms.

valerie said...

Well that was a fun tour, wheres the book going tomorrow?

gbbarb said...

Just to make you laugh CB, another song from DC the Musical

Song to It's a Hard Knock Life

New song, it is too cold tonight to go outside

It’s the crab boat life for us!
It’s the crab boat life for us!

'Steada crabs,

We get tricked!

Lots of ice,

Boats get thick!

It's the crab boat life!
Off to search for the Opilio,
Head the boats up north we go!

Lots of ice,

This really sucks!

Crabs are hiding

Hard way to make a buck!

It's the crab boat life!

Don't if feel like the wind is always howln'?

Keith and Mouse:
Don't it seem like there's never any light!

Johnathan and Andy:
Once a day, don't you wanna throw the towel in?

Jake and Josh:
It's easier than puttin' up a fight.

It’s the crab-boat life for us
It’s the crab-boat life for us
No one cares for you or me
When you’re in the Bering Sea

It’s the crab-boat life
It’s the crab-boat life
It’s the crab-boat life!

EMTSrescue said...

WOW!! Not sure how you do that gbbarb. That was great, as have all of the ones in the past been also!

Thanks for the tour CB! Love the pictures.

Have a good night!

Reesa said...

looks likes those ladies jumped right to the middle. of course that's where the juicy bits are.=)
wow gbarb, are you a music writer?

gbbarb said...

LOL, I am so not a music writer, that actually takes talent. I can take someone else's work and change it to be slightly humorous. Glad I can amuse you.

And CB I think the fluffy cat just ate you friendl the bird. Runs away

Leigh said...

WOW that song was awesome !! Great work!!!

Fizz Wood. said...

fantastic! what a wonderful day the book had after all! happy travels!

Margrita said...

LOL that book sure knows how to have fun.

purrduedvm said...

Another great one gbbarb!! CB - I am with Mystic BUT BUT...I will have to read these books now I guess. I didn't even "know" about them so off I go...and hahaha..another excuse to go to Borders, sit at the cafe and enjoy a Seattle's Best something Latte! Aunt Frieda, I will send them to you when I'm done ok?

chefboy077 said...

It still hurts to say anyone is better then Tolkin, but the Wheel of Time series is beyond words. If you enjoy fantasy, and havnt read it, it is a must.

And yes the book came to brunch with me.... only because i went to bed at 1am. :)

Bunnydeer said...

Oh great, get me hooked on more books..jking. Loved the pics! Will this book be taking anymore tours soon?

maicher said...