Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Re Captain Keith Posting on Crabwizard Site

Re: The Wizard
IRE: The Posting on the Crab Wizard Site
IE: http://www.crabwizard.com/crabwizard-forum/post/621949?currentPage=4

The Boat and the crew are safe.
I will not be saying anything further on this issue; that is for the Captain to Address.

Please do not ask me in e-mail either. The answer is No.

Thank you

(Gosh guys, I am really not this mean, but the past week or so has been trying.)


mamawas said...

I noticed a site about DC being a docu-drama on Keith's captain's blog.

I am interested in the opinion of a "star" of our show and his opinion.

Is there an offensive entry I missed?


Dani said...

i wouldnt so much say you are being mean...just setting the record straight!!

Reading said...

enough said, thanks for all you do share.

Ang said...

I'm clueless but from the post I think it's better I stay that way. I"m just hoping blogger will be cooperating and be nice to you today and in the future. Always love your pictures. Have a good day CB!

valerie said...

I'm pretty new here but never seen you being mean, think you were being honest

We all should be thanking you for all you effort and the updates

so heres a THANKS and a hug..
sounds like you need it, take care and don't let the computer and internet get the better of ya haha

take care

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Whatever it was that happened, we'll find out eventually. I'm just very thankful they're all safe...which is absolutely the most important thing. You're not being mean, you just know when you should speak and when you should hold back. Thanks for everything you do show us...it's great to have a few eyes up there. No worries!

Frieda said...

Sending hugs and a thermos of hot toddies. You are a good man.

Anonymous said...

post was there
has now gone

Kim said...

Im kinda wondering what is going on. Hugs CB. So dish some dirt on your little sis! whats she like. Is she cute? Where does she live...maybe we can find some hot guy for her!

purrduedvm said...

CB, your discretion and integrity are appreciated. As for you being mean, I can't imagine that...you are beyond generous with your boat, crew and scenery photos AND your wonderful buffet! Thanks.

Nebraska Outback said...

Hang in there, CB. You are loved and appreciated.

disanml said...

hey cb-

You do an amazing job keeping us informed and we thank you for it. We also thank you for keeping quiet to let things be a surprise.

Lori said...

OK, I too am clueless here, but hey, there are some things that are better left unsaid and if CB doesn't want to give us the dirt, then, we'll just have to wait or hey, maybe we'll never know. Thanks for the discretion CB!

hobo said...

Hey, CB, I don't think you're being mean.... you just sound like a 'dad' telling his 'kids' to remember their manners :-)

Thanks again for all that you do share with us. It is greatly appreciated!


Kim --No dirt on me, just looking for Prince Charming! I am actually in Pennsylvania, but I hope to get to DH to see my big bro. Time away from my two jobs would be welcome!

Kim said...

hmm who lives out in PA. does anyone have a hottie to send lil sis's way? CB Im just gonna add...love ya. I emailed ya...you didnt answer. Im kinda hurt.

Carlisleboy said...

Kim and Everyone, I just have not had a moment to breathe, much less answer any non business e-mails. SORRY!!!
This was suppossed to be my day off and THAT did not happen.
Yes, we make DAMM good money in Dutch Harbor, BUT WE WORK FOR IT!

mbg2001z2 said...

Thank You, the shots are great. You made my 6 y/o daughter very happy., she loves the this boat and the capts. so, thank you again.

superior said...


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