Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day Off Post, SYTYCD, Ely, and A new blogger

Day off today so I am going to make it short and sweet........
Brandon Bryant, The BEST Dancer By Far on "So you think you can Dance". Vote and Watch!!
Remember to keep Praying for Little Ely who goes for her operation Tomorrow!
And A new Blogger has entered the Scene. Check him out at http://www.anirath.com/blog/
Have a great day everyone!!


mamawas said...

As I admired your winter sunset pix, I wondered Is Dutch the sight of the midnight sun yet?

Ely sure has some cut stuffed critters!!!
Take care, Donna

Kim said...

7 hours, 10 stores. Happy kid..should make a commercial out of it. Thank you again CB. great pictures. we go to the doctors at 8, procedure starts at 9:30 EST. so Ill attempt to post around noonish my time to let everyone know how it went.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment.

MaryC said...

Thanks CB! Kim, Ely and Crabsters good luck. We will await your post. My daughter has all her crabs, starfish and lobsters gathered for extra luck and of course St Blase!

Take care, Mary

Margrita said...

CB you are right he is an awesome dancer. OOO Ely looks happy with her stuffed crabbies. I continue to send good thoughts, prayers, blessings her way for a successful painless operation and a quick recovery. Nice new blogger I will go check it out. Have a great day off.

mamawas said...

now the DC fans know where Lynn's black eye originated from (pictures back in February)

CB you have been prepping us for opie season and it has been thrilling for the DC fans!!

God grant the doctors wisdom and skill as Ely is in thier care this AM.


Carlisleboy said...

Not quite to midnight yet, About 11:45 before it gets Dark though
Kiss Ely for me!
Feel free to look at any of my photos and play around.
And Mamawas Again LOL
Yup, and you guys know he made it through Ok, since I have shots of the Wizard Offload a month later!

The Wench said...

Beautiful shot CB, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

lol Did! shes in a funky mood. She did the whole MOM! thing. was really funny.

Mystic said...

Those pics are absolutely breathtaking..
Any update on Ely?

Kim said...

Her surgery went a little longer than we expected. She had a gummi snack incident a few months back. She stuck a gummi snack into her ear and it melted. Our pediatricians attempted to scrap it out...and ended up drawing blood. It pooled and covered her ear drum. So while she was under they went in and scraped it out. She woke up really groggy and in pain...but they gave her more pain medicine and she was fine. Very few tears.

Kim said...

Then last night while I was downstairs doing some homework....Ely decided to attempt to dye her own hair. She put blue hair dye in the front...so I figured she had been so good she could do her entire head. So all 3 girls ended up with dyed hair. Ely currently looks like Thing 1 from Dr. Seuss

Lori said...

Awe Kim - Ely is so.....cute and I love her crabs!
Great pics CB!