Monday, June 29, 2009

JS and AU Second Day!! Quick Post, Nice outside so we are off again!!!


Bunker Hill With a shot for her part time job coworkers!
Right on the Edge of the Bering Sea on Mt Ballyhoo!

Maybe a new Top photo

And a Sunglass shot at 9pm!


mamawas said...

The new Mountain Dew is just perfect, flowers and sea and island. Time for a change of the "top" pix.

Sunglasses at 9PM WOW


Akutan's April Dawn said...

The Mt Dew pic is cute!!

wasn't the weather so beautiful yesterday!! glad your sis and nephew got to enjoy an actual nice day in the Aleutians!

hope they are having a blast!

much luv,
April Dawn

Kim said...

lol. sunglasses past 9. thats intense. Id say its that bad here but Id be lying. it is sunny out till about 8 though.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You know, CB, you can always go back to your original masthead photo if you get tired of the new one.

I vote for posting the new one on your blog's masthead.


Margrita said...

Yes that would be a great top picture, Mountain dew, the sea, the yellow flowers and the rocks perfect. Looks like your sister and nephew are enjoying their visit. Sunglasses at 9 pm wow!