Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Brunch, Walks, The Power of Prayer, Why Adults should not ride "Rip-Sticks" , "Midnight"?, and a Green Bunker Hill.

Its a Green and Lovely Day Up Dutch Harbor way,
Sit at spell, Nosh, and enjoy Brunch with CB Today!
The Fruits and the Salads ..........

........Are good for you they say.........

.....But I will take Paul's Apple-Raisin-Walnut Crepes Anyway!!

And Someone must have heard that CB's Been Cravin,
A Roast Turkey Dinner with Cranberry Stuffing and Gravy!

Alas We come to the Desserts,
And Maybe I am just Jaded,

But I SOOOOOO miss the Strawberries that the boy Bellow always Makes Us!!
CD Send Him home Early!! We're starving up here!!! LOL

Now Little Manderzz caught A bug,
while on CD's "Death March/Trip",
So Everyone say a Prayer,
Like CB, AG and Alena! Did!

Had a little Party over at AG's Last Night,
CB, Alena! SP AG and MS were all in attendance,
and we Talked nonstop about CD's Abandonment.........

Look it's AG and MS,
Say Hi to the GF Anirath!

Now AG is a woman who really REALLY like salmon,
As she proclaimed with wild Acclaim!

And Then after Dinner a game,
How could CB Turn it Down
with these Categories to Play.......?

After the Game,
and Before Dessert,
SP talked us into a nice walk
up the street,
Let MS Clean up and Work!

SP has a "Rip-Stick"
that he loves,
and tried to get each of us,
to give it a go.

AG Chickened out,
and I called her a quitter.

But After watching SP a Bit,

Thought I'd Give it a go!

Big Mistake, STUPID!!
Ow! Ow! Ow!--Ow! Ow!!!
There is a reason Grown adults Should not do this!!

And Thanks to Alena For this Great shot,
Of me a microsecond before the great fall.

Over to the Park, While SP keeps on Practicin
On that Death Board Contraption!!

Yep, This was as close to CD's House as we got,
The TP Idea got shot down as useless,
Until Closer to her return date..............

A lot of people have been asking about the midnight sun and all that
On the Drive through the valley last night at 11
I took these shots to give you some idea.

And Then once back home here is a Midnight Shot out my window.
Just 5 months ago This was all I could See

And Two months ago just a Hint of Green...

Now it looks like this
and soon people say
it will be so green,
You'll just stand there Amazin!

Have a Great Day Everyone!


Frieda said...

Oh such fun! CD and I are missing some great times. Hint, small children have a lower center of gravity. Second hint, adults should have better judgement. I hope you had padding in your jeans... that looked like a hard fall in the making! Thanks for the brunch, the views, and the laugh inducing photo. Loveya

Kim said...

I agree with Frieda. Kids have a lower center of gravity and a shorter fall. That looked like it hurt CB. are you ok? Brunch looked great as usual...except for the strawberries. Miss those!

Dani said...

Sorry CB but I do have to admit the picture of you falling actually made me laugh out loud, what are you going to try next?? haha maybe stick to indoor boardgames they are alot safer!!

cookie dough said...

CB, I think that you CAN do outdoor things, but nice things like hikes, k?
That looks very painful, I AM SYMPATHETIC!! REALLY :)
Thanks for the prayers for Manderzz...she just has a regular old virus, she is a bit better but now Big Brother Jr. is down for the count...ohh bother.
It was sad seeing everyone together and so near my house!! AG's house too as my former apt looks identical to it. Ohh well, vacation is fun too. I will go to take pics of my new BFFs tomorrow! They're all off for the wkend.

mamawas said...

My catagory is "everyone's doing it" for game night!!

How's the "bum bruise" from the skateboard. Great action shot!
Take care


Reading said...

You have my sympathy for the dad did the samething with my brother's skateboard when we were kids...forget the TP you should all get together and..........I'll email you the idea ...

Kim said...

hahahahaha. CB be nice. Leave her house alone!

cookie dough said...

Thanks nice CB! Leave my house alone...and tell bossy to not move my office or downsize my position....hmmm on the other hand that'd be kind of cool, no job everyday??? Just teasing!!!

MaryC said...

I'm sooooo sorry CB for I too laughed at that picture! What a great action shot! It's so nice to see you having a good time. The brunch was wonderful. I was wondering how do you sleep when it's so light out?

Reading said...

only nice ideas CD.......I'm afraid of what would happen if you ever came south and east...paybacks and all...

cookie dough said...

Hopefully next year I'll go to Kentucky...the kids want me to leave them with the cousins in WA...either set!
That's about as far SE as I get. I have been to Orlando and New Orleans, but no reason to go to either....Although for us Wrangell is very Southeast, Alaska.

Margrita said...

CB leave CD's house alone!!! I will suggest to CD no share veggie chips or the other goodies I send up to her with you. Instead she might just put itching powder in strategic clothing areas... insert wicked evil giggle.
Sorry about the bum bruising fall maybe you need to attach a pillow to the butt before trying that again. I hope you didn't get hurt from that fall. Brunch was wonderful the turkey look delicious. glad you had a great evening of fun. Sending good blessings, thoughts and prayers CD's way for all the illness to leave.
( I sent CD a couple of boxes containing items for her to set up a new child labor sweat shop in Wrangell... we wouldn't want her to get rusty while on vacation LOL. )

gbbarb said...

13th comment

Good morning CB, tell Junior I miss the strawberries. Remember the older you get the farther down you have to fall that I why kids have no problem that only go a few feet. Since I'm being obnoxious I suppose I shouldn't ask what the patron saint of moving is but Lord knows I need help.


Is it possible to have the turkey, cranberry when I am there? OMG it looks awesome! Can you pre-order for the brunch?? But if Junior is not there to make the special strawberries, it will be sad! More strawberries I say! Back me up Kim and Gbbarb!


OMG Can't leave it at 13!!!!!


My stupid computer said it was at 13! Guess not. So Bro, how do you feel today after that spill?

Carlisleboy said...

When you said spill I thought Oil Spill and googled it right away. LOL
My bum is a bit bruised and sore, THANK GOD For Alleve!!

Kim said...

Im actually very sensitive to strawberries. I just sneak one or two when I can. I get my fix without it fixing me!

So CB. Can I send my 3 monsters up there for you to educate for the summer lol. They would love it up there and you would never lack a walking partner, and have someone to watch Torchwood with!

cookie dough said...

You really want your kids to watch Torchwood? makes my teens cringe sometimes...a very "smoochy" show is the euphemism they use.

gbbarb said...

I'm thinking little sis should have an avalanche of chocolate covered strawberries, mmmm, strawberries. Gotta go, suddenly got hungry

Alaska Steve said...

Kudos to Alena for photo of the month - I'm missing the island and reading the blogs to touch base, have fun kids . . .

Kim said...

lol my kids watch actually don't mind Torchwood. They are weird little kids. You never know what show will catch their attention.

MsGiantsFan said...

I'll have some of Paul's Apple-Raisin-Walnut Crepes please (if it's not too late!). Glad you're getting a visit from your sister. Have a greta time!

Pat said...

Hi CB,
This is the first time I've posted a comment. We are huge Dutch Harbor and Deadliest Catch fans here in the Florida Keys. One of my nurse friends visited DH last summer and brought the "recipe" for Duck Farts. I enjoy your photos very much and your comments on the DC captains and their crews. Have you ever been to the Keys? It's a pretty cool place to live. Your Sunday Brunch pics make me hungry. Keep up the good work on your blog!