Sunday, June 7, 2009

Late Sunday Brunch, Saint Blase, Missing CD Post, C/M Freddie and Vanessa leave on Vacation, AG's Hubby Ray Ray, Alaska Steve's Fave Tug, and Flowers

Sorry, But it's Just Not Sunday Brunch Without Junior. So here is my Favorite Shot of Him and Juno!

Everyone needs To Keep on Praying to Saint Blase For Kim's Kid Ely!

Lots of Great looking salads Today! Go Jeff!!
I do So love Fresh Mozzarella!
And Paul's Quiche was quite nice!
Paul and His Dessert Smoothies!
Yup, Sunday Brunch is just not the Same without Junior!
Saw the Cheeries the Day after you told me about the Ones down there CD!! Just had to put it up for you! Homesick Yet? LOL
Manderzz looked so awesome up on her horse that The only thing that could make it better would be a Proper riding outfit!
I like this one the best, No tails or hat!
Freddie From the Cornelia Marie and His FABULOUSLY Awesome Wife Vanessa Flew out on Vacation. CB of Course brought "Emergency Chocolate", Gum and Apples to deal with the hangovers from the night before...............LOL!!! I'll Miss you guys!! You better Text or call when Freddie is in that Tourney in Vegas!!
And There is their plane. Just think CB's Little Sis, In 18 Days that will be YOU and The Nephew!!
AG's Hubby Ray-Ray Went out Crabbing with Captain T and I the other day!
Had a great time guys, we have to do it again!!
Alaska Steve's Favorite Tug!
Foggy Morning.........

And Flowers.

Sorry so short this Sunday Everyone. Super Busy and Dealing with an I-phone Issue!!

Have a Great Week Everyone!!


cookie dough said...

Manderzz is shaking her head --still!

cookie dough said...

they weren't Rainer Cherries, just regular ones! But still $12.99 is terrible! I'm going to post some fruit form Pike Place market! OMG it was so gorgeous I took a pic!

Carlisleboy said...

But She would look so Cute in that Second one!!!

Wednesday said...

I am tempted to move to Unalaska just to come to Sunday brunch every week.

Carlisleboy said...

And On Wednesdays We have the all you can eat Seafood Buffet!!

Reading said...

loved the pic of Manderzz on the horse - she is so darn cute...CD you have beautiful children...12.99 a pound for cherries I would have to say no thank you....the buffet still looks delicious...

mamawas said...

I am shocked at 12.99 pound for cherries too!! I grow bings on two trees in my small orchard and adore them (so do the birds need netting to preserv them).

I loved the asparagus for brunch

Thanks CB!


Kim said...

brunch is wonderful as usual...but its missing that JR touch. lol. Manderzz looks so adorable on the horse. Thank you again for the prayers everyone. Ely is better about the whole procedure. gotta find her a stuffed crab tomorrow.

Margrita said...

Hmmm riding outfits perfect riding posture, do I see CB's Riding Academy opening soon? LOL OMG 12.99 for cherries gee I was complaining about paying 3.79. Well brunch was awesome as always. I bet the Wed. all you can eat seafood buffet is excellent. Junior's presence at the desserts is sorely missed. Maybe CD will let him come home early ?? Still sending good thoughts, blessing and prayers to St. Blase for Kim's little Ely. (SEE NO 13 I BEHAVED THIS TIME LOL)



Prayers are with you! Sorry only posting Monday Morning, i worked most of the weekend and mowing last night wiped me out!

Absolutely cannot wait! Of course you know the boss will be sad :(

cookie dough said...

Has there been a FRI night BBQ/buffet yet?? YUMMY!