Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well, After this weeks Episode A Wizard Post is in Order!!

Well After this weeks episode I thought you might like to see the guys a few weeks after they were hit by that Rogue Wave.

This was an offload Right at the Beginning of February, as you can see it was an ICY ICY ICY Season. Get used to seeing ALOT of ice this year!

This is taken from the Deck at Westward where the Wizard Unloads. It is a much higher deck than the Unisea Dock and you basically have to cross to the ship right at the wheelhouse, then go down.

Lynn was working at getting some of the ice off the deck with a salt water hose.

All the while they were unloading Beautiful Opilio Crab!

See, the two most popular Crewmembersm Crosby and Lynn are happy fine and good and Lynn's eye even looks better!

Evil Evil Crab!! But Pretty good looking if you discount that one in the next photo with barnacles.

Like I said, BRACE FOR ICE!!


mamawas said...

Thanks for the walk through history.

You also had some close up black eye pictures at the bar I recall CB!!

How many days will the sibs be in AK? Are you taking a few days oof to be the tour guide?

Elizabeth Douglas said...

I love that boat and all aboard. I will always be grateful that they were (eventually) ok. That ice is really something, scary stuff to face I'm sure.

Thanks for the great pics! The more Wizard the better in my book!

Cheers CB!

Carlisleboy said...

I am going to be off the entire time they are here, with maybe having to go to a few meetings and making a schedule or two, and maybe an order, and probably have to check e-mail, and make sure the room upgrades are going ok, and The CVB Board Meetings, and city council, and Safety Meetings and...............

Margrita said...

Wonderful pictures CB thanks for sharing them. Wow that is a lot of ice. I remember seeing some like these in your earlier post the Wizard had lots of ice on her in them. I am so glad they were okay after that ordeal. Your family is going to have a great time during their visit.

Mystic said...

Thank you darlin' for the awesome post. I'm so sorry I've been MIA lately hon. Been very busy with school. Boo! Luv ya bunches!
I'll be here for brunch Sunday!
When does your sis get in town?

mamawas said...

CB isn't really a free man during sis's visit from all the things he gets to check on at work ( I am lioke that with my classroom in the summer too...)



We will be with CB for a little over a week. It is difficult to get away from work here. I am sure he will post pics!
But again, no CD to meet :(


Bro - What is your take on the Palin/Letterman controversy?

Carlisleboy said...

I Will NEVER watch David Letterman Again. His half-hearted "apology" was worse than the so called "joke" itself. Sarah is acting with grace and civility. And I love the fact that she replied to offers to be on his show by saying that she will not go on his show to boost his flagging ratings!!!
She will be President one day if I have anything to say about it!!

heleninseattle said...


Sorry I missed the brunch this past Sunday. I was escorting a visiting friend around Seattle. We toured the Sea Star, and went across the bridge to photograph the Northwestern and Wizard.

I am FEELIN' THE LOVE for all the boats... This last season sucked at one time or another for them all. I am so very happy to know all are safe.

Lori said...

Finally got to watch this episode and was very emotional - just glad everyone is OK and on the mend! Thanks for your pics of Lynn - that eye was so....bad!

And heleninseattle - I do so envy you for seeing the NW. I too was in Seattle that weekend, but did not get to the docks. Hope you enjoyed the SeaStar tour!