Saturday, June 13, 2009

A nice Walk

It was a Beautiful Day,
Up Dutch Harbor way,
To take a walk after dinner was done.

CB's Little Sis!
See, Nothing Amiss,
The Snow might even be gone from Pyramid when you get here.....

Look There now Chums!!
It is the Westward 1!
Comimg in with their first Pollock of the season!

Water, Rock and Sunlight
Sometimes Unite,
And Create the neatest of images!

This morning there is Fog,

But when Afternoon Rolls Round

I am hoping for another wonderful day!

Have a Great one Everybody!!


cookie dough said...

Ohhhhh missing home. but it's sunny here too. How is it there today? OK better quit hiding and go check on my kid.

Reading said...

Beautiful...absolutely beautiful......

mamawas said...

beautiful and it is almost your longest daylight day too. IS the air filled with great flowers/bushes fragrances?

Are cruise ships still coming in?

Take care


MaryC said...

The pictures are spectacular. You are so lucky to live there. When does it get dark and how long does it stay dark? It's like a whole different world up there.

alaskagal98 said...

I saw you taking a walk yesterday! I drove by and if I could've stopped, I would've!! I've never taken a walk where you were yesterday, I would have liked it! Hey, are you gonna come over tonight?? You should come over around 7pm. Alena! said she's coming too .. I'll call her to confirm. I'm gonna try out my new glazed salmon salad recipe! And, I wanna play $25,000 pyramid!!!

cookie dough said...

What??!!!! A get-together at AG's house?! OMg you three better not say mean things about me ditching everyone!!! bossy won't even talk to me.
Don't make me go to the coffee shop Bri-Bri

Kim said...

Oh CB stop tormenting the poor woman. Hope your vacation is fun CD. Lil Sis is gonna have a wonderful visit with you CB.

Margrita said...

CB those pictures are great. Everything looks gorgeous. Looks like you had a great walk. Have fun tonight.