Saturday, June 27, 2009

JS and AU arrive!!

Their plane was delayed by two hours so the wonderful Alena! helped to calm a nervous CB!!!
And There they are!! Taking their first steps on Unalaskan Soil!!
NO!! No pictures I just got off a plane!!
And Sorry Scott, JS has strayed from Fox's Pizza.............They were Really Hungry Ok?
Lots to do today, so I am outta here!


mamawas said...

you are so devoted to your blog


cookie dough said...

Ahhh.....Down to the second! That means our flight will be on time, right??? I have already packed 5 of my bags! LMOA only 1 more here and 3 in ANC from our 6 days there. I think we're all ready to be back!

cookie dough said...

Have fun today!!!

iaskye said...

I sooooo wish I was on that plane! Enjoy every moment

Carlisleboy said...

CD! Down to the second!!! And there will be Hell to pay if PenAir makes you late!!
Thanks Mamawas!
IAskye! Just follow along with us, and maybe it will inspire you to do it!!

Kim said...

I cant wait to see the vacation unfold. Its always enjoyable following CB along his day.

Margrita said...

Cb your blog makes this adventure come alive. I am so glad your family arrived. I know you can't wait to show them Unalaska. CD will need a big cargo van to get all her the kids, all the bags and goodies back to her house. It sounds like she has been busy collecting goodies. Have a great time visiting with your family.

Mystic said...

I hope JS and AU have gotten some rest and that ya'll are out and about enjoying the day!
Can't wait for the commentary and pictures!
Cheers to all! Safe journey home CD!

cookie dough said...

2 days 13 hours 53 min and a few seconds!

I can't believe I missed last night boohoohoooo

rubyg236 said...

nice pic