Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot Insanely busy days.....Hot Humid Nights, McDonald's ...Egypt, Temples, Perfumes, The Obilisk of Death, and Feculla Rides

The Cruise ship food is Ok, But Sometimes you crave a taste of Home................
(Those of you freaking out at the price need to Know that 1 American Dollar is worth 5.7 Egyptian Pounds so That Big Mac Value Meal SUPER SIZED is only $3.67. And When I say Super sized I mean SUPER SIZED.
........And Really, to Most Americans, Mc Donald's satisifies a craving that is really as impossible to expain as it is to ignore.

2 Cheeseburgers, Super Fries and a Coke.
SUPER SIZED! (You know, like we used to be able to get in the US before those Trans-Fat Nazis ruined it all, Buggers)
Not to say that there are not differences, Like this McArabia made with Beef Kifta (Shish Kebab Meat), and the French Fries are fried in Peanut Oil. Still, it all tasted WONDERFUL!!!!!!!
Sam Agreed!
Then It was on to our Egyptian Party on the Boat.
Lots of Fun, Much Drinking.............
.......and somehow Toilet Paper Mummies....................

Bellow you can see an Example of our Itinerary each day.......... If any of you want to Check it out. I did the 15 day package, and the prices are done before you add on all the "Optional" tours that I did. So Far I have had a great experience with this company and will use them again!
Our Cruise Ship
The Docks In Aswan
And Again our Little ship! (Not as large as some of them on the Nile But SOOO Nice!)
You will never feel unsafe in Egypt, these white uniformned "Tourist Police" are EVERYWHERE!! No
A Mum taking her adorable little one to school.
For all you students out there THIS is the "First Cataract" of the Nile at Aswan. The Cataracts (of which there were 6) served as boundary markers in Ancient Egypt. Most of them are now covered by................
............Lake Nassar shown above, Created by the Aswan High Dam...........
Shown Here. Almost 50% of Egypt's power is Generated here.

Standing on top of the Dam in the traditional Pharonic Pose. (Another one to be filed under stupid photos friends make you take on Holiday)

Then it was off to the Temple of Philae, dedicated to the Goddesses Isis and Hathor.

And Jo.

The temple is on it's own island so a motor boat ride was needed to get us there.

It is amazing how lush and green everything is in this heat. Easily 110 Degrees at this time.

The Entire island is covered in flowers and shrubs, Befitting the Goddeses Isis; Wife of Osiris, Queen of the gods, patron of Magic and Healing; and Hathor, the "cow" goddess, patron of Love and Music.

The Temple is divided into two parts, one for Hathor and one for Isis.

Many of the Reliefs were "chipped out" in ancient times, first the Christians and then the Muslims, above you can see a Coptic Cross Carved into the Stone.

The Pharoh offering to The Hawk god Horus and Hathor.

Also "Descrating" the temple in ages past were the Greeks at the time of Alexander the Great and The French much later with Napoleon.
There was also a side temple where the goddess Isis was taken during the day to "recharge" in the light of Ra the sun god, before being taken to the "Holy Of Holies" during the night.

Just an amazing structure.

The Innermost Chamber, The Holy of Holies were the goddesses were secured at night. SOLID Granite altar.
Just a beautiful Island, like the one I love!

Then it was off to a Perfume Manfacturing company, where CB got talked into buying some oils.
(4 in total, I got one free with purchase!)

Then it was the Hottest place so Far, the Unfinished Obilisk, or as we came to call it the Obilisk of DEATH!
A Hike up a Hill of a Granite Quarry at midday in the blazing hot sun with all the heat being reflected and magnified by the Solid granite Everywhere? Try walking into a micrwave and you will know what it felt like. 130 degrees EASILY!

You climb up.....
........and up.........
......and Up............
And you get to see this gigiantic Obilisk that was left unfinished when it cracked in place during production. Huge beyond belief. Still not sure if it was worth the Heat Stroke to see it! I literally bought a bottle of Mineral Water and regular water on the way back to the bus and drank them both in 3 minutes.
A few hours after we got back to the boat, and after a shower and rest it was time to go on a Feculla Ride around Elephantine island.
Rachel, Elizabeth, Tim and over on the side Karen and Bill.
New Friends David and Daisy.
A beautiful ride in a wonderful place. And the Temp had gone down a bit (still 100) but the breeze made it bearable.

Rock Cut Tombs in the Cliff Face for City Officials and High Nobles dating from the time of the pyramid construction in Giza.

Sorry I missed a day there everyone! SOOO super busy here as you can see above!

More Pictures soon!



Anonymous said...

Amazing CB!!. Would love to be there. (Not the heat though) Glad you relaxed some and enjoyed the sights. Veda

Anonymous said...

Hello My friend, I see you are having a great time, Miss you at work. Veronica is counting the days till you return Ha ha dont like dan doing your job lol. well have fun stay cool my friend and eat another big mac for me.


Cookie Dough said...

Wonderful pics, I especially love the one of you in the party clothes....I can't wait to have McDonald's today for luch!! As that is such a normal meal for us here at "home"
I guess by "home" you mean somewhere else?
Just keeping you in line like you do with me & my piles 'o crap :)
But I do wish I was there, it's ALWAYS been a dream of mine to go to Egypt....and I almost did...but bought a car instead dumb dumb dumb.....keep having fun & soak up that heat, it's snowing here off & on

Kimi said...

wow. Snowing really CD?

CB the pictures are gorgeous. Love the commentary. wow thats an awfully cheap big mac. Im now wanting to go to Egypt for a visit.

mamawas said...

so cool seeing the Egyptian wall drawings come to life in the blog. have you been a History buff of the area...I know you will be now!!!
Take care friend

Margrita said...

CB what a great time you are having. The temples are so amazing. One can spend a day just studying them. Yep everyone needs a good McDonald's fix ad the price is right. Boy going to the obelisk in the midday very hot time to make a climb. Love your Egyptian party outfit looked great. Awesome pictures enjoy your trip
Egypt is such an awesome place to experience.

Anonymous said...

Hey CB.
You missed three days of posts???
Did you sleep through a couple of days??

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