Friday, October 1, 2010

Abu Simbel

It's Abu Simbel Day!
This entails an hour long plane ride from Aswan to Abu Simbel.
No Jetways here! You have to be bussed in Non Air Conditioned buses to your plane........

............Then Once you are there another Non Air Conditioned Bus ride to the Site.
Then A long Walk through 110 Degrees with little shade to the site of the monuments.
There is a Beautiful view of Lake Nassar.
But the road is long, Hard and HOT!!
So Sasha and I took a "Shortcut"
Much Better!!!!
At first view they are so big you think that it has to be something natural that is just playing tricks with your eyes Like the stone head on CD and I's Jefferson Beach.

No, They really are that big. 70 feet of carved stone.

Three of the Statues remain Intact, the other destroyed by an earthquake.

However, You can not take pictures inside, Even tried Bribes!!

BUT for a few $$ you can stand at the entrance and take photos. Here you can just about make out the Four statues in the "Holy Of Holies", where once a year on October 22 the sun hits the one statue. It was Ramesses II who had this temple built and this was his Birthday!
Another set of Huge Figures of Ramasses line the way to the Inner temple.

It is just a short walk on the Banks of Lake Nassar to the Temple of Nephritari, his favorite wife.

Almost like a Minature one of Ramasses II With the Exception of the goddess Hathor lining the walk to the sanctum.
$$$$ talks in Egypt once again.

Ah Heck, it was worth it to be able to stand with the Key to the Temples in my hand with my new Friend Sasha!

6 figures of Ramasses, Nepharati, and the Kids line this temple.

Just Awe Inspiring, I wish I could show you more of the inside where the Pharoh and his queen are holing hands in reliefs.

Then Another walk away from the temples into some shade.........and a little breeze off Lake Nassar........

Then on to the Coffee Shop. Still Freaking hot beyond reason, but at least in the shade. Needed to Replace all the Salt I sweated out on this excursion so a tube of Pringles was shared along with an Ice Cream Bar. (I kid you not, the chocolate coating on the outside of the Bar was melting in the heat and falling off the still frozen Ice Cream Beneath. That is HOT). The Pringles were kinda broken so I ate quite a few but there were still a few left. Alexander Must have somehow passed word to his far far far distant cousins because before long all these little birds decended for some of CB's Potato chips.
My Gosh, Literally Half way around the World and the animals still know I am a sucker for them!!

More Pictures soon!


Kimi said...

wow. That is some tall statues. It's a shame so many were destroyed in earthquakes. Wow. thats intense heat. lol @ the birds. Really enjoying this tour of Egypt!

mamawas said...

Wasn't Stonehedge also arranged for sunlight on days of annual imporance last year's excursion)?

The seated rock carvings are appropriately majestic and tall (as mentioned above by Kimi).

The others on the un A/C buses do not appear to be "wilting". Does the proximity to Lake Nasser increase humidity or is the climate dry?

Enjoy the next weeks!

Margrita said...

CB the statues/ reliefs are unreal they look small but as you close in oh wow it is incredible. So glad you got to snap a few of the entrance it helps to give perspective on the size of the interior statues. Egypt does have some high heat so sorry you are getting to experience it the lovely un-air conditioned buses do make the traveling times not as enjoyable. Lake Nassar is a beautiful lak. Glad you found some feathered friends to visit and feed.