Monday, October 25, 2010

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Write it in, Fill it in Alaska! It's what Ted Wanted!

The New Small Boat Harbor. Right there, Concrete PROOF of what Senator Lisa Murkowski Does for Unalaska. This would not have happened without her asking about it in every budget meeting and pushing for it in every Committee. WHY in God's Name would we trade her in for an inexperienced politician who is going to have to be lead by the hand around Washington DC's cesspits of politics? Lisa has a PROVEN record. She supports the fishing community which is the Aleutian Islands main source of income. If you care about this island, this state, this nation, there is no other choice.
How do you vote for Lisa? In just two easy steps:
1. Fill in the oval
2. Write in Lisa Murkowski
And That is it! You have just made the Right choice!

I trust Lisa and her commitment to keep fighting for us. She's working for Alaska every single day ... We need Lisa and the seniority she's earned, now more than ever.
– Ted Stevens

Do it for Ted!

It was Pretty bleak in Dutch Harbor the other day............

But when word of the Senator Lisa Murkowski Fundraiser got out we started to see a little hope in the bay...........

And when Lisa Called in to Thank all of us for being there it made My night!
Lisa was amazing on the phone, as she was in the CNN interview earlier in the day. It made me proud to be here among her supporters.

And the Next Day was just Wonderful!
Remember to Vote, AND Remember
Fill It in
Write It In
Senator Lisa Murkowski!


mamawas said...

politically active Brian way to be!!!
Hope we all vote next week.

Margrita said...

CB hope she wins, she sounds like a great choice. Next we it is important for all to go out and vote. The pictures of the food yummy. Thanks for sharing those great scenic shots they are great. Hope you have a great week.

DG said...

Did my early voting last Friday! So glad to get it out of the way.

Anonymous said...

I won't vote for a republican. They plunged our country in a war for WMD's that didn't exist. Killing American kids for a lie, disgraceful. They lie again about climate change. The republican view of the world is not one I wish for my kids and their children.

terrig said...

I find this election in AK really interesting. I am also Republican and Catholic (we have two of three things in common ;) ) & wondered what those who live in the state actually thought. (I am in VA and we're not voting for a senator this go around.) I know a lot of money came in from out of state for that race and that very few people actually voted that day.
I am going to vote on Tuesday. I hope that she wins and that buffet looked absolutely yummy! I hope to get there someday.

Carlisleboy said...

Anonymous said...
I won't vote for a republican. They plunged our country in a war for WMD's that didn't exist. Killing American kids for a lie, disgraceful. They lie again about climate change. The republican view of the world is not one I wish for my kids and their children.

Again, On MY BLOG Everyone is entitled to their opinion, No matter how wrong it may be.

Personally I will not vote for a Democrat. Just remember that almost all the Democrats voted for the war as well based on the evidence available at the time. Some Chemical weapons WERE found, as has been proven in te newest leaks from Wickileaks. Gulf War Syndrom may have been caused by Saddam's Use of chemical weapons on our troops the first time around. Of Course that is nothing compared to the countless times terrorists have killed our citizens and others around the world with funding from regemes like the Former Iraq and Iran. Maybe you would like to test out your "Lie" theory on those poor inccocent people who chop off folks heads on video.
As to the Bullshit about Climate Change ( I see you have corrected what used to be called Global Warming like a good little sheep) There are HUNDREDS of sites out there that give a better scientific explination about Natural Climate change than anything found in that HIGHLY DISCREDITED UN report that Al Gore always goes on about?
The world’s leading climate change body has been accused of losing credibility after a damning report into its research practices.

A high-level inquiry into the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found there was “little evidence” for its claims about global warming.

It also said the panel had emphasised the negative impacts of climate change and made “substantive findings” based on little proof.

Really? Lifted speculation from Magazie articles and you listen to them like the good little sheep you are?
Expose yourself to some real news, NOT MSNBC or CNN, do some real research on your own and find out the truth.
The Democratic agenda will lead to a new serfdom, with only the educated political bigwigs able to travel and be liberated while the rest of us work for them, for the good of the Planet and Because they are so much better than we are.
Do you really think they count you among their number? Think again. You are a sheep following them for the promise of free grain. Nothing is free and you will one day have to pay the bill at the slaughterhouse.
That is the lie of the Democratic Party. They are all about giving people aid, but never bettering their conditions so they have to keep voting Democratic to get their check. This is modern day slavery and it repulses me. They pretend they care to peoples faces but really they think you are incompotent boobs who can't survive without them. How Elitist, How Racist is that?
And yet the Sheep keep bleating the same message.
Well November is almost here, You keept shouting "Change" Last time around;
Well, CHANGE is coming.........

mamawas said...

views are true Brian...we are sheep to either "party" and the system. Is there a viable better alternative in the touchable future??

Reading said...

I vote for the candidate that best represents my views, not the party. I respect everything you said CB and do believe that both parties have made mistakes but this time around I am praying hard for a change because that is what we need...I am not sure I can afford two more years of what we have now......

Cookie Dough said...

Go Scott!! =]
I love to tease you Brian

Glen said...

So you approve of earmarks and pork barrel spending. And here I thought you were a conservative with Tea Party leanings.

Buffel said...
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