Thursday, October 21, 2010

CB on the Radio? Tune in To KUCB/KIAL On Friday 22 from 8-10am Alaska Time! How much Trouble with CB get himself into? Listen in to Find out!

It's the Annual Pledge Drive at KUCB/KIAL!
I'm teaming up with Darrel from the Hotel to play some tunes, have a few laughs, and most importantly raise some Money for KUCB!
Will CB Succeed?
Will CB Fail?
Will CB stick his foot in his mouth?
Tune In tomorrow Morning to Find Out!!!


Kimi said...

definitely gonna tune in!! my one and only radio call in, will never be repeated but at least i had everyone in stitches!!

Margrita said...

Awesome CB I will be tuning in. I predict that you will do great and raise lots of money.

Cookie Dough said...

hahahah can't wait! My shift is 11-? but not on-air, other people really wanted the time..sooooo yeah I'll answer the phone and not subject people to my COUNTRY music :)
I'll be calling & pledging LOVE the new hoodie and love that Troy is in their new movie....our TV/Radio is the BEST!!

Anonymous said...

You are a raving lunatic

mamawas said...

the blog just posted here so I missed it Brian.....sorry

terrig said...

Sorry I missed it too! :(

Carlisleboy said...

Anonymous said...
You are a raving lunatic

Thank You soooo Much!
If you base your defination of sanity on the Current state of our Civilization then I Take being called a raving lunatic as the Highest Compliment!