Sunday, October 17, 2010

Egypt, The Quiet, relaxing pictures.

So There is a howling wind storm outside, Gusts to 75, driving rain, and even a hint of snow. I must say I am feeling the Cold a bit more than I used to after my sojourn in Egypt, so I am taking Today off from work, relaxing at home, and going through my pictures from Egypt and trying to pair them down to an easily manageable slide show for friends and maybe the Local School. So, Sit back, Relax and come with me Cruising on the Nile and sitting by the Red Sea.........
Every day on the Cruise My Cabin Attendant would make the most wonderful Towel Displays. I thought this one fit quite well with today's theme.
Before I moved to Alaska, I never spent much time on boats at all. Now it seems everywhere I go, no matter where in the World, I end up on a boat. Here we are taking a small boat out to the Temple of Phalae, Dedicated to the goddess Isis in Aswan.

The Temple is on a garden like island as you saw in previous posts. Just Beautiful, and only about 100 degrees in the shade.....

So What is it like cruising the Nile? (Above is our Boat the M/S Neptune, Really nice, refurbished last year and though not as large as some of others, a great boat)
As you cruise up and down the Nile on the way to the Next Temple or Dock you see scenes that have remained unchanged from the time of the Pharaoh's.......

And some of the most Beautiful sunsets around.

Ibis birds clustering together for feeding

The Corn looks pretty good!

The spires of Mosques, satellite dishes, and electrical wires are the only changes to the timeless landscapes you see.

There is something that reminded me of Unalaska, Fog forming on the Nile as the all too hot sun retreated once again for the night.

Yup, just having High Tea, relaxing and enjoying the timeless beauty of the Nile.

Of Course the Desert has it's own charm
The End of the Green and Beginning of the Desert

But it was nice to finally get to Fort Arabesque after the 5 hour drive through the Desert.

How can you not just sit back and relax and enjoy this wonderful place?

So, Now that I am sufficently warmed up from these warm memories it's time to get to work on Laundry, cleaning the Apartment and cooking a nice big meal.

Have a Great Sunday Everyone!


mamawas said...

love resorts with the towel animals, we were forewarned that the tip size dictated the elaboration level f the bed towel critter!!!
Nile River...what a place what history

Valerie said...

Lovely photos! Egypt and Morocco are at the top of my list of places to visit ( as is Dutch Harbor.) :~)

Thanks also for the idea of using the gorgeous revolving world globe! I hope you don't mind that I added it to my blog as well. At first it reminded me of the now cancelled soap, 'As the World Turns.' But I got over that initial impression, not I love it. For some reason I find that I could stare at it much longer than I ought to. :~)


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Just a few questions: I know it was really hot. Was it their Summer when you went?

What was the humidity?

Mosquitos? Lots of mosquitos? Or none?

And, of course, GREAT photographs!


Joann said...

i'm still your biggest fan brion :) it's been cold here as well (by california standards) so i appreciate your little reminder of the 115 degree heat we 'suffered' through.

Carlisleboy said...

Of course not Valerie! I love that globe; a great visual reminder of just who is reading about this little Island at the end of the world.
It was just going into fall as we were there, but they were undergoing a heat wave. Normal temps should have been in the 90's-100 but we ended up with alot hotter!
It was so hot you made your own humidity! But for practical purposes the humidity decreased the further you went from the Nile. A mile or two away and you were dry, unless you happened to be in a tomb or pyramid, where it was so humid you swear the walls should drip!
I did not get bit once while I was there. There were a few mosquitoes down near and on the cruise ship, but the bug zappers took care of them. The thing that was troubling was the flies, big alwful black ones that would just not let you alone at some sites. I actually ended up practically running back to the ship in Esna after being landed on by like 100 flies during our outing to the temple there. Uggghhhh!
Sacha and Jo ended up with a few bites on legs and ankles after going to the markets. Think they were probably flea bites from all the stray cats that were everywhere.
Miss you girl! Any more texts from Egypt? LOL?

Kimi said...

loved the photos. The towel dude was funny. Very interesting about the flies, mosquitos and fleas. Stay warm!!

Margrita said...

CB what an awesome trip you brought back so many pleasant memories. I love the towel dude they do love getting creative with towels it is so neat to see what different creation each day brings. The sunsets are awesome just so spectacular each evening. I think it is awesome making a slide show to share with others let those who have never seen or experience the wonders of Egypt get to. Great pictures once again stay warm and dry.

Anonymous said...

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