Sunday, October 10, 2010

Derick and Alica pics for their mums and my final Day in Egypt

So Before pictures from my last day in Egypt, Let's Check in with Alicia and Derick.
Above, Alicia and I pick up some supplies in an Art store,
...and then head over to Derick's Dorm Room.

SOOOOOO Tiny for three guys! Not in as bad of shape as I expected though.
The Kids with their new Cartouches from Egypt.

Then Just to make sure they are eating OK it was off to Olive Garden!
I even made them eat dessert, 'cause that's what Fairy Goduncles do!!
So we ended up with a whole free day in Cairo at the end of our tour since we only flew out at 11:15 PM, and were able to squeeze in a few more hours around town. Of Course we had to visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx again.............because they are one of the coolest things on the Planet!

Thankfully the Temperature had dropped in Cairo so it was only in the 90's instead of 110's!!

And we even managed to "accidently" find a way into another hidden tomb..........

..........inside one of the smaller "queen's pyramids" that line the Great Pyramid.

Since it was nice we decided to walk all the way around the Great Pyramid........'cause it really is just that cool!

Joann and Sacha on the smaller pyramids.............

The reconstruced Capstone of the Great Pyramid

Jo and Sach walking like Egyptians!

Touching the Great Pyramid.
A New Pharoah is chosen!

Stupid but cool Tourist pictures!

It was pretty neat to see that even in Egypt the game of "Kick the Can" is still played.

Sphinx, my friend what secrets do you still Hold?

Another Wonderful Mountain Dew Find!

Then off to the market for some serious shopping!

The Lobby at the Ibertol in Cairo, our hotel.

Well farewell Egypt! I'll be back someday!


mamawas said...

Hi CD: the teens look settled into academic life moms...still mixed bag of letting go and praying for all the best for each kid isn't it?????
CB is an awesome uncle. I really like the pix of you sitting and writing in the earlier blogs!! You are so rested and unstressed and seem in the moment. Now "can" that great moment and bring it out in Unalaska on a regular basis!!!

Cookie Dough said...

CB you look thin! Derick too. And hmm AL has changed her hair again silly girl! OMG that dorm looks like a fort or something...insane! Mandy's former room is going to seem roomy to him when he comes back.... LOVE LOVE the pics of the great pyramid & spinx :D
See you WED or THUR!

Kimi said...

Lol. those dorms are tiny. The last day in Egypt looked down right fun. love the photos. I did notice that CB looked like he was thinning down a little.

Joann said...

huh...maybe you should have a post regarding all the not so wonderful food you ate for 2 weeks so your friends will understand why you look so thin :) we miss you brion!

Akutan's April Dawn said...

OMG your trip looked amazing! I can't wait to be able to go on a trip like this! I think I'll wait for Roni to get old enough so she can enjoy it too!!! Loved the pix! Hope you had an awesome trip!! Sending you a couple wallet photos of the family and roni!
Safe traveling!!

<3 April, Boy and Veronika, and the pups!!
OH Cali is pregnant!! I can't wait to see her puppies! She's due on Halloween!!! so exciting!! And Roni got her 1st tooth! She was such a great traveler! I have to update my blog when I have time!! miss ya, take care now!

Margrita said...

CB the last day in Egypt looked like a great time wonderful pictures so glad you got to go and enjoy it. Wow I remember little dorm rooms like that my freshman year and how much I wanted an apartment lol. Seems the rooms haven't changed much. You are looking thinner. Nice of you to stop by check on the kids feed them and bring a touch of Egypt to them. Have a great final leg of your journey back to Dutch.

Lauri said...

LOVE your post, CB! Will miss seeing you this KC season...hi to all the boys on the boats :)

Love, Lauri

maryg said...

Thank You for all the great pics of your trip!!Hope you had a safe journey home.

Denise Stagner said...

Awesome Pics thanks for posting.....Denise said...

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