Sunday, October 3, 2010

May God Bless Saint Michael the Archangel and Queen Hatshepsut!! Mountain Dew at Last!!!

God Bless Queen Hatshepsut!

Merciful Lord, who prayed that there be one flock and one shepherd,
I ask the light of faith
for Queen Hatshepsut Of Egypt
who did not know You in Your Eucharistic Presence.
Give her the joy of Your protecting presence.
Bring her into the one fold
of which You are the master and Lord.
Forgive her sins and teach her the way of repentance.
In the end bring her into the larger circle of Your family,
to God our Father,
to Mary our Mother,
and to You our beloved Brother.

I Do not know why, But Somehow, Someway, Saint Michael the Archangel answered my prayers and brought me into the presence of Mountain Dew.
It's Been 11 Days since my last Mountain Dew........................
Thank You Saint Michael The Archangel, and Bless you Queen Hatshepsut for building your temple so wonderfully that a Gift Shop sprang up that Carried Mountian Dew. Though the Can is slightly different, and they use real sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup, it tasted so good I almost cried!!
Look how beautiful it gleams in the Egyptian Sun!
The Temple is a ways away from the Bus Parking area and in 120 degree heat you NEED to take the little trollies

There are many tombs of minor Nobles scattered in the Hillside Here, None of them yet open to the Public like the Valley of the Kings and Queens.

Although we did Luxor and Karnak yesterday (I'll post those shots later) I really loved The Temple of Hatshepsut the best (Besides the heat).

It is so Striking and huge against the cliff face,

And though 95% of the images of The queen were "Desecrated" by her successor (Mommy issues) the ones that remain are so beautiful you can almost imagine what it must have been like during her time.

A picture into the closed off Inner Sanctum.

A Hypostyle Collum corridor Dedicated to the goddess Hathor is on one side.........

..........While an altar and sacrifical chamber to the god Anubis is on the other. The colors are so vivid you can almost imagine what it was like when the whole of the structure was painted white and the Glyphs and reliefs were in full color.

The Colossi of Memnon were next.........
At 58 feet in heigth they almost rival Abu Simbel
We also went to the Valley of the Kings and the Queens today, and I got to fulfill a lifelong wish and visit the Tomb of Pharoh Tut-ankh-hamun (King Tut). UNFORTUNATELY you are not allowed to take any pictures in the Valley any longer. SO, no pictures there, although we visited 4 tombs inculding King Tut's.
For those of you on The Cruse Critic Board, I just want to say that though the food on the Boat is not alwful, it is not good either, so you have to make trips to other places when you can. Last night we had Dinner at Pizza Hut and today Lunch at McDonald's. I have had Ice Cream in these places and Drinks with Ice and have not succumed to "Mummy Tummy". I even had Ice on board the MS Neptune, our cruise ship with no problems. The Fries are fried in peanut oil however so they have a slightly different taste, but the Burgers and Ice Cream were as good or even better than in the states.
JoAnn was even able to get a meatless cheeseburger that she turns into a French Fry Burger.. (Vegitarians are weird)
And Sasha loved the DEEP FRIED Bananna Pie! (Next time we go I am so getting a Deep Fried apple pie, like you used to be able to get in The USA.
God That Sundae was good!
Even all the familiar faces are there...........
Though the view out the window of Luxor Temple is something you would never find anywhere else.
On a Down Side we have had to switch Cruise Boats from the MS Neptune to the MS Queen of Hansa. Coming from Unalakska I understand Engine problems playing havoc with Ship's schedules so that is alright, though I miss our original crew who were so great.
Think I am going to nap a bit then maybe another post tonight.
Miss you all back in Dutch!


Cookie Dough said...

We miss you too! You've missed lots of events...we missed a couple that we probably would've gone to if you'd been here encouraging us! Dyl swam FRI, Manderz had basketball (they won by 15 or 20) etc etc. I tease about McD's But the Sundaes are yummmy! Almost as good as McFlurries!
Should be a busy week @ the hotel & shop...can't believe you're not here!

Margrita said...

CB that is one of my favorite temples. I loves the reliefs such a shame the successor had those issues and desecrated so many. What is left is fabulous. I love the view at Luxor how awesome. Glad you found some yummy food and haven't had any tummy issues. I am glad you found your Mountain Dew it does make a trip better when you find your favorite snack or drink. Great pictures especially of the Temple the way it sits against the cliff face is breathtaking. I know you enjoyed the Valley of the Kings and Queens. I think King Tut's tomb is one of the more interesting tombs to visit. Have fun and enjoy the vacation