Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Night out in Ko Mumbo, and the Temple of Sekmet and Horus at Ko Mumbo

SO, what do the locals do for fun at night in a country where there is no Alcohol allowed? You head out to the local Coffeehouse for light fruit drinks and Shisha........water pipe tobacco Smoking.
We decided against the regular seats and went to a Egyptian Style tent..........
And smoked flavored tobbacco through water pipes. VERY STRONG TOBBACCO!! Apple flavor was nice but I found the Honey one WAY too Strong.

Everyone got in on the act including Tim, Rachel and Elizabeth.

Rachel was the First brave soul.........
Elizabeth showed off her Belly Dancing skills from a college course....

Much to everyone's Enjoyment
Even Sam Approved! Jo, CB and Sash...........just chillin

Tim's got Skills!!!

What did you just do Sam?

We had to walk through a wedding to get back to the ship,
And For a few bucks the little kids were happy to pose!

Early the next day it was on to the Temple of Horus and Sekmet and the Croccodile God.

Here is an example of how the temple blocks were joined together before the advent of concrete. Matching notches were cut into the blocks when fitted together then wood or metal slats were placed in between. So basically think of it almost like leggo blocks or puzzle pieces joined together.

Most of this temple was buried under sand for thousands of years so the Heiroglyphs and Reliefs survived quite well.

CB touching Horus's Ankh. (Sounds Naughty doesn't it?)
ALEXANDER? What are you doing here? Or I mean there? Or I mean When?
Even brought an Alaskan Star with you!

In certain parts of the temple the Colors originally painted all over the temple are still present. Amazing.

Vultures lining the ceiling still in Color.

And Our wonderful tour Guide Mohammed guides us through each and every temple and sight, such a great Guy and a Credit to Gate 1 travel!!

More pictures later.


Margrita said...

The Egyptian fun night so cool I love the water pipes and the different flavored tobacco. Love all the fun you had very Egyptian night indeed. The Temples of Sekmet and Horus they are just magnificent. They colors are so amazing when you see them in person. Too realize that these temples are hundreds of years old, the sand preserved and how wonderful they look. Egypt it so full of so many historical architectural achievements of early man. When you look at them and take it all in its amazing. Enjoy your remaining vacation thanks for the great pictures

Mystic said...

The pictures are amazing CB. Wow!
I've been to many Roman archeological sites, but NEVER an Egyptian one. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.
Enjoy every second!!!!
P.S. The Wizard should be arriving in Dutch this Sunday or Monday.

Kimi said...

That was great. Thanks for showing us about Egyptian night life. Loving the photo journey.

mamawas said...

The Egyptian hieroglyphics are intricate!!! Noticed that AK t shirt too
Thanks for the frequent postings

Cookie Dough said...

:) Can't wait to see what your next adventure is!

Kimi said...

CD wherever he goes, he takes us with him. He is pretty thorough with his photo journey, and I just want to say thank you CB for sharing this very memorable vacation with us.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I was just watching a documentary on Planet Green about your Mt Dew Queen and the search for her DNA to find her familial line. A lot of the establishing shots were set at the temples you've been touring. Glad you are having such a great time.

Thanks for taking all the pictures and bringing your fans a wonderful trip.

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