Saturday, October 9, 2010

On The Red Sea, in the Red Sea, and Halfway with Moses

Back in Seattle now, with Great internet connections so I will be posting quite a few more pictures over the next few days till I head Back to Dutch. Will be meeting up with Derick and Alicia later but it is now like 5am and I just slept like 18 hours so doing a post about our Hotel on the Red Sea.
Fort Arabesque was AMAZING! . Literally Something for everyone.........

........all sandwiched between the Desert and the ocean. Literally this place was made for tourists.

It even has a mall!

And lots of security, so you can just lay back and relax!

Or Maybe go diving!
Loved the Outfit!! So Slimming!!

Unfortunatly my tank and rebreather had some issues so I had to head back after about 10 minutes in, and that kinda freaked me out a bit so I did not finish the dive.
But Judy did and had a wonderful time.
I SOOO wanted to go horseback riding but decided to head out on a glass bottomed boat with some of the rest of the Gate 1 group to go snorkeling in the middle of the Red Sea.......with a guide named Moses!!

There is this giant sandbar/Coral Reef right out in the middle that you can actually stand on and go snorkeling!

Timmy and CB!

I can not believe this photo did not turn out! It was such the perfect shot of us heading in with the Sunset ahead of us after a full day frollicking in the ocean.

Of Course Dinner was with Sam and his Angels!!
More to come later everyone!


mamawas said...

love glass bottomed boats, although the "sights" pass by quickly. Your eyes are just do focused on the entire scene!!!

Glad you are safely in the USA and have called our mutual friends in Unalaska.

Kimi said...

Glad you had so much fun. Also glad your flight to the US was so uneventful. HUGS. cant wait to see more of your trip

Joann said...

sam's angels look slightly demonic. strange.