Monday, December 22, 2008

Housekeepers on Bunker Hill!!!!!!!

Sunday was beautiful,
A Wonderful Day,
And After Brunch 'twas musing,
What to do with the day.

Bunker Hill is close,
and Easy to do,
And Why not invite 7 friends Plus 2?
On Maria and Genent,
Jovenia and Ardiz,
Francisco and Hibo,
Leroy, Aiulu and Anna!!

And so we began our little trek,
Up past the rock bank,
and without breaking our necks! A little ways up we took a stop,
to Catch some photos before reaching the Top.
Behind us is the Hill Named after Hay,
(Checkout the windmill that has the politicans in a fray)
An0ther stop for a photo with Pyramid Peak,
Everyone still strong,
no legs going weak!I Said it was a Short cut,

Not that is was easy

(I think Jovenia might be a little queasy) The View from the Top is Really Amazing,

All of Unisea seen in just once quick gazing.

(This is the part I was craving) The Bunker Above,
And Housekeepers Below,
Thank God I brought Mountain Dew to the Show!!!!
The Sun Was Receding,

So we headed back down,

but banished were any traces of frowns
The Sun was hidden,

on the way back,

and a Bit of a Chill,

Pervaded my "pack"

So Off to Cape Happiness,

I Commanded with a Grin,

Hot Apple Cider, Buttered Rum,

Or in Aiulu's Case a Beer.

Fun was had by all,

and as night began,

I promised all,

We would do it again!!!

And Lets all Welcome Margrita And la isla d'lisa, The Newest Followers of Dirt!!!


Kim said...

It sounds like you all had a great time! Thanks CB

Elizabeth Douglas said...

From the pictures you post to the words that you write, it seems you bring everyone so much delight. I'm a sucker for verse so I'll craft my reply to reflect your own post so clever and spry! The hike seemed quite nifty, the views very grand and who would love a fresh Dew from the can? So thanks for the post and new members, hey hey! Well, that pretty much covers what I've got to say!


Miss said...

The 4th pic down is really cool and the one overlooking the town is awesome! I love your blogs and look forward to them everyday! Great job and have a great night!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

It's nice doing stuff with the peeps you work with -- makes for great camaraderie.


Carlisleboy said...

'Liz I must say,
I do Love the Way,
You craft with 'verse
From Yourself to the universe!!

Kim, Miss and BZ;
It actually all just started with a idle comment about me going up Bunker Hill after work and some of them saying they had never been there. I was like "WHAT? It is RIGHT THERE PEOPLE!!!"

Plus it was a good way to get the Hotel to spring for some "Christmas Spirits", and calling it a "Team Building" Exercise.

Kim said...

lol. Im so jealous. I would love to go hiking up there. I must save money and do a trip there in the next few years.

Carlisleboy said...

Ahhh Heck Kim. If your Current job is not paying enough to afford a vacation apply for one of the jobs up here and have the company or city move you up on their dime!!!!

Kim said...

roflmao my company doesnt pay me anything. I am the CFO of a super small corp.... called my family lol. Im a stay at home mom to 3 lovely little creatures. In 2 years my youngest will be in school full time. Then it will be vacation time for mommy and I will fly up there and enjoy myself lol. I dont think the CEO will be happy with a move to there are no jobs up there that he is trained for.

Carlisleboy said...

Unless he is a Landscaper who only works with tropical Foliage or a Outdoor Pool Salesman there is a job up here for him.

Kim said...

Sun Microsystems doesnt have a lot of network computers up there.

Carlisleboy said...

Yeah, But we just lost our best I.T. Guy at Unisea so there is a job opening.........

Lori said...

OK, so somebody said in another post that the last picture in this post - you're in it - true or false?

gbbarb said...

Just checking to see if CB checks any old posts - #13 hee, hee, love ya CB