Saturday, December 27, 2008

Assorted Christmas Shots

These are all taken a day or two before Christmas when I was really starting to Worry that I would not have Christmas Snow. But the big guy upstairs came through for me, dropping the temperature almost 20 Degrees overnight and whipping up a nice little storm on Christmas day in the Afternoon. Thanks God!!!

Just some nice shots from the Chart Room where we have our Sunday Brunches.

The Gift Shop was kept busy from morning till night wrapping gifts on the days leading up to Christmas.

And the last Three Shots are taken from the Alaska Ship Supply Store, out on the Spit in Dutch.

I really do need to just upload Google Earth with all the Correct Names and placement for everything here. This far from the equator GPS mapping does not work which is why the streets are all misplaced when you look at them in Google Earth. I'll have to see what I can Do.


Don't Miss It!!

I Promise Deadliest Catch Shots you will not see anywhere else!!!!

Oh, And A belated Welcome to Suzassippi!!!


Mystic said...

Beautiful shots! I'm glad God sent you a white Christmas! We are currently at 76 degrees, humid and nasty :( Cold front is supposed to go through tonight.
You KNOW I'll be at brunch tomorrow...Keep my seat warm for me!

BunnyC said...

Great pictures CB! Thanks for always sharing! Glad it snowed for you! It's going to be sunny and 65 in NY tomorrow!
I'll be at the brunch table bright and early (with both my plates)!
Take care and enjoy the snow if you can.

nordlys said...

Great pictures - Dutch Harbour looks just like my hometown!

Hugs from Norway

Miss said...

Awesome pictures! We were sitting at 60 degrees yesterday and then when night came we had freezing rain. Strangest winter so far. Okay now I am off to do some cleaning, bleh!

Ang said...

I'm glad you had a white Christmas. I wish it would snow in GA but we have rain. Glad you had a good Christmas!

Kim said...

Im glad you got your white Christmas. Ill def be at brunch. And dont worry Ill eat a bit of real food before headed to the desserts!!

Carlisleboy said...

Thanks everyone!!! And Nordlys, Make sure to check out the Sunday Brunch!!

Lori said...

Am glad your wish for snow came through - the pics are gorgeous! OK, we're at 80 degrees and humid. Could barely sit outside on Christmas day. Was hoping for a cold spell so I could light my fireplace for the first time on Christmas - no such luck!

Carlisleboy said...

Just one of the Reasons I left Florida Lori!!!!

Anonymous said...


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