Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The story of Carlisleboy

Carlisleboy was born on a farm,
in the mountains of PA,
was this sleepy little town.
Kersey was it's name,
and not like they say,
it had not two stoplights,
but ONE I proclaim!

CB knew early that he was "Fay"
So once the chance came, off to college went he,
to be free and "fay",
That's how life should be!
A "Popular" boy was CB,
and where he was at WAS "the place to be"
Still he was there for school not to party all night,
and after being an idiot for a while Transferred back to Penn State.

A hotel/restaurant degree is great,
but you have to start somewhere,
WHY not a Breakfast place?

Deciding that Breakfast was not for him
"Let't Try the Other Half of that Degree" he thought with a Grin
Thus Motel 6 In Carlisle PA Became part of CB's Day
All too soon Ramada came to call,
and so to WI From MD went CB,
Into the land of Beer And Cheeseheads was he thrust,
And After a Horrid time with Ramada was left not knowing who to trust.

Carlisleboy was unemployed for a total of 5 HOURS,
'Till HGI Oshkosh Saw his true valor,
And Thus began The Hilton part of CB's Career
A long time coming, and alwfully Dear.
Soon The Call came A new HGI in Florida Wants you!!
No one told CB about the heat, weather, and snakes
And All too soon he was praying to God "Take me from this place"
His one Breath of Air, his key to sanity
Was this fun little show on Discovery
CB Began to learn all he could 'bout the show,
the city Of Dutch Harbor and the hotel don't you know.
Then one day in Florida CB had enough,
And Fired off an E-mail to The GM at the Grand,
And thus the Dutch Harbor Portion of his life Began

And Now I will end with this fun little quip

Best wishes all,
To you from me,
Loving Dutch Harbor
And the Bering Sea!!


Ang said...

That was good. Your pictures were a hit with some friends as I sat in class and dreamed of being in Dutch. They even took my pics from me to bring me back to GA :-) Thanks for sharing.

Kirstin said...

Yay a Penn State grad!!!! Not there yet, but I will be in the summer! What a small world. Love your blog and the great pictures you post!

WE ARE.....

Go Lions! :)

Carlisleboy said...

Thanks Ang And Kirstin.
PSU, at least the main campus is a great place to go to school. I lived out at the Southgate Apartments and Had a great time there. Lots to do and overall it is a nice safe place. You guys even have your own TV stars now with A&E's Show Paranormal State!!
Which I Love BTW.
Any chance you can hook me up with that Ryan who is in charge of the Whole thins?

Kirstin said...

Yeah, Main Campus is great. I love it up here. I'm moving downtown for my final semester after spending almost 2 years in the dumphole of what is called the Pointe. As for Ryan, no such luck. My sister is friends with him on facebook, but they're not actual friends. They did an article on him and his show in the Collegian, and I guess he is a very busy man now that he has his show. Sorry :(

Lori said...

Well, I learned something about you I didn't know - you were in WI for a while. Didn't like the cheesehead state? If I lived there (and I do own property there) I would probably eat way too much cheese. I love it!! I'm glad your in DH, lovin' it and glad I found your blog (through Steve of course!).

Anonymous said...

And the fact you have a wonderful (single) sister and and awesome nephew!!!!

ErieLady said...

OK, CB, you and I have something else in common besides being Pennsylanians, we are Penn Staters. I graduated in 1995. Congratulations on the job in Dutch. I keep hoping my parent company (Dean Foods) will open a Dairy in Dutch so I can transfer there, but not yet. I think they should just buy Trident, but that is my opinion.

Love your blog by the way. And I agree with Kirstin...Go Lions!!!!!