Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sunrise for the Cornelia Marie?

Could it Finally have happened?

Could it Truly Be?
Has Daylight come for the Cornelia Marie?

16,000 Pounds Yesterday,

If they Keep this fishing this rate,

They just might meet Tuesday's Offload Date!!!

A Beautiful Morning in Dutch,

Just look at Pyramid Peak!

A Beautiful End to a slightly tough week.

And A Warm WELCOME to Dani and Miss, the Two Newest Followers of "Dirt" (Thank you both for joining about the same time so I did not have the Dreaded Number "13" attached to my followers. The Rest of the World May have left it behind, but in Hotels 13th Floors and Rooms ending in 13 are Still a Big deal)


Carlisleboy said...

Ok, I Do not understand Blogger.
I Uploaded all the pictures the same way today just changed the size and the first picture (The Best one anyway) Will expand for the entire screen but the other two will not. The pictures were taken moments apart on the same Camera.


Frieda said...

Good! At least it is not just me! There must be someone who follows you who knows the answer. STEVE???

Miss said...

I am not sure of the answer to your picture problem (it is strange why it does that) but they are still beautiful. That is funny about the number 13, that is my favorite number. I am still trying to figure this blogging site out myself but I am looking forward to more of your blogs!

Carlisleboy said...

THank You Miss.
Please feel free to ask any questions you would like answered about this wondefully "Unique" place I live (Not just Dutch Harbor but my own little world LOL)
I used to like 13 as a number too, but got caught up in the Hotel "dislike" of it When I started seriously making it my career choice.
Anyway, welcome to 'Dirt"

Lori said...

Beautiful pics! Am back from my long weekend away and glad you are feeling better.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Great sunrise photo at the top, except a little creepy! There's an eyeball staring back at me on the left hand side, in the mountain! I feel watched!