Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deadliest Catch Random Shots, Employee Lunch and a Heat Wave

So Today I decided to have a Small meeting with my Housekeeping Staff and as A treat I cooked for them. I made my special 7 bean Spicy Chili, Cheddar Cheese Cornbread, and a Chocolate cake with Triple Fudge Icing and Chocolate Chips. It went over Quite Well!!!

It has been Really Warm up here for the past few days (We are at 46F as I am posting this at 2:30pm My Time) The Snow is actually retreating up the Mountains a bit.
These are the Huge Carry Crates that Hold the PDV's The Camera Crews use on the Boats for the Deadliest Catch. Kind of Amazing seeing how many they go through while shooting the show. The Bering Sea eats Cameras and all electronic equipment for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and A Midnight Snack. This is The Grand Board. So High tech Huh? This is the Color Coding system of Gaffer Tape on all the equipment for the various Ships. I can not wait till January to show you all the stuff piled up the The Grand's Meeting Rooms!!!
And Finally, Speaking of January, here is a shot of the "Spit" Dock where there are plenty of Boats (Thanks Mystic) just sitting and waiting for The Crews to return for Opilio Season.
Sorry for the Late Posting today everyone. Lots to do with the employee meeting.
I am taking the day off tomorrow, so I May or May not post, Depending on the Internet Connection Speed at home and What I end up doing. We will see.
Have a Great Tuesday!!!
And a BIG welcome to our Newest Dirt Follower Elizabeth Douglas!!!
And Just who is signing on from Saint Marys PA? Mum or Joann is that you? Ususally you come up as Kersey or Ridgway. If it is anyone else let me know. Especially if you went To ECCHS!!!


Kim said...

That cake looks yummy. Love the pics. Im packing pounds on just looking at all the pictures of the buffets!

Mystic said...

Looks like your having some rather balmy weather!
Ohhhhh that lunch looked delish...I bet your crew was thrilled!
Ummmmmmm bats waiting for the crews to return? Uhhhhhhhhh what is a bat? You mean a little furry guy with leathery wings?
Also..would you share your bean chili and cornbread recipes?

BunnyC said...

Food looks great CB. My thighs are inflating as I type!!!! Balmy weather in Dutch but we have snow this evening in NY. Everything is starting to get covered and it looks really pretty even though I live in a fairly populated area. Enjoy your day off. Hope you get to do something fun!

Miss said...

I so wish I was there! It is so cold here...19 degrees. North of here is even colder. It is so pretty there too, I can't get over the view! Have a great day off!

Mystic said...

LOL I thought "bats" was some cool slang fishing term...

Lori said...

So thoughtful of you to cook for your staff. I'm interested in the cheesy cornbread - that sounds good. Have a great day off! Love the board pic with the explanation. Keep 'um coming.

rpascale said...

Love, love, love your blog. I start my day with it every day. Thanks for the company every morning.

Anonymous said...

Was not me signing on Bro, however I do look at your blog everyday.

Love ya, and thanks for the presents. I am not opening mine until Christmas and it is driving Austin crazy!

Your wonderful and younger sister Joann!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Hey, thanks for the welcome! Great stuff you've got here! (I even see a familiar name or two.)

Alaska Steve said...

CB can definitely cook, there is no doubt. All his stuff went over really well at our Thanksgiving gathering!