Friday, December 12, 2008

"Almost" Midnight Madness Sale, And the Most Beautiful Christmas Tree Ever

First Off, NO ONE ordered Crab at the Restaurant Last night, so George is still in the Hotel Freezer

“Almost” Midnight Madness Sale

Friday, December 12, 2008


20%-40% Discount on Most Merchandise

For Every $50.00 (after discount) that you spend in the Gift Shop you will receive one (1) entry in the 10pm drawing
(Must be Present to win)

Grand Prize
Gold Saint Christopher Pendant with chain
($790.00 Value)

Second Prize
Full set of Amethyst and silver jewelry
($475.00 Value)

Third Prize
Men’s and Women’s Skagen Watches
($200.00 Value)

Please Call the Gift Shop at 907-581-7117 to secure a table at
NO CHARGE for the AMMS Craft Fair that is occurring at the same time

So, I have been Tasked With Being the Host for this evenings Festivities. The City of Unalaska's Christmas party is Occurring at the same time, so ther will be alot of Great food, people and Prizes as WELL as the Local Craft Fair going on at the Same time. Shold be Lots of Fun and I will post pictures tomorrow for all of those poor souls not lucky enough to be here.

Finally, My Friend and former neighbor, Shirley In Port Saint Lucie Fl sent me pictures of the most beautiful Christmas Tree Ever!!!

My God!! The Beauty just takes your Breath Away doesn't it? Guess what Carlisleboy is Planning for Next year?


sunshiner said...

I'd personally love to see you run a charity auction, maybe a silent on line aution, in connjunction with Disc Ch and Deadliest Catch. Pick a couple of charities and if Disc Ch did even a spot or two, think of the hits you would get, the money you could raise. All you need is some autographed tee shirts and caps, some photos nothing elaborate, maybe a tour of the boat or some crab guaranteed to come from a particular boat. You could display prizes in your lobby and your hotel would get mentioned in the tv spots or disc web site spots. Either way, free advertising. Just an idea, but lots of possibilities.

TexasHoosier said...

OMG...I love that tree! I wonder just how many Dew cans it would take to make such a magnificant creation? Should I start saving my cans for you? CB...what a true friend that would do that for you...or is this friend another Dew fanatic?

Kim said...

OMG love the tree! I so wish I could be up in Dutch! Enjoy the festivities.

Kathy said...

Love the tree, CB! I'm a Diet Mountain Dew girl myself. Think that would be pretty too, just a little "lighter." Don't bother trying to find a hitman online. I just smacked myself in the back of the head for you! :o)

Miss said...

Good luck with all the festivities tonight, it sounds like fun! I am also quite amazed at how sparkly the Mountain Dew tree is! Love it!

Dani said...

the tree looks wicked... although i have never tasted mountain dew!!

Ang said...

The tree is great! Lots of fun stuff going on in Dutch!

BunnyC said...

Love the tree CB! How original! Hope you have a great time tonight. Enjoy.

Lori said...

Loved the tree! Looks like a lot of work to put it all together, but it's defintiely very unique. Sorry I missed your posts this weekend, but then I look forward to Monday morning. Hope all went well with the festivities.