Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Brunch With The Dirt! George's FINAL FATE REVEALED!!!! Josh from the Cornelia Marie and Eagles starring Alexander!!!

It Is A BEAUTIFUL Day In Dutch Harbor!!!! To Make the pictures expand properly I have to upload them all in backward Order then go through and Comment. So the Eagle pictures at the bottom were the first ones loaded, and I just took the Sunrise photo at about 10:18am. It is a Fun Filled Day, so Load up those plates, Fizz Wood, Elizabeth, gbbarb,Alexis08r, Lauri, rpascale, Nebraska Outbback,homergirl78, MeowMix, purrduedvm, Bonnie, Helen, GryffHoo, Ninja-Motorhome, Mystic, sunshiner, Dani, Miss, 13rook3, snowymistyriver, BunnyC, TexasHoosier,Lori,Bryan Kraai, Kim, Kathy, Ang, Janice, Alaska Steve, Frieda, Mom, Ernie, Joann, Austin, Shirley, Ken,AND BUTTONS!
The Final Fate of George has been Decided. If you Get Any King Crab Today on the Buffet it will be George. Look at him Showboating, even in Death!!! (Either that or he is Giving us all his version of "The Finger", I would not put it past him) At 30 Followers, and with Family and friends included I have had to Reserve over 1/2 of the Window seating in the lower section of The Chart Room. (Remember Everyone Mystic and Frieda MUST have window seats!!!)
If you did not picke them Up already, you MUST try the Cranberry and Peach filled Crepes. It is a Reduction with Peach Brandy, and a very sweet Peach Brandy Glaze over the top along with the slivered Almonds. AWESOME!!!!!
Kim and Ang, NO DESSERT until you eat some real food!!!!
(But I must Admit the Mini CheeseCakes are really good!)
SO now that Everyone has a Full Plate (Or Two Sunshiner and Bunny C), and their Drinks (Waiting for the Northwestern and Cornelia Marie Gals to get back from the Bloody Mary Bar),
Lets sit down and Chat. It is quiet this week both around town and at the Hotel. No Crab Report as the Boats all made it in and hit their Quotas, the Hotel is down to about 40 rooms, and the locals are all taking a breather before Opilio and Pollock "A" Seasons begin. I even had to Go back to Halloween to get this "interesting" Photo of Joshua Harris of the Cornelia Marie (He has not been Drinking, he is just tired, Yeah, that's the Story. Did you buy it any more than Murry Did?) As I mentioned in a previous posting the AC Store right next to us is going out of business, and selling off everything before Alaska Ship moves in. Well Yesterday they Threw out all the old expired meat and the Eagles Found out about it about 7 seconds later. I Counted 40 at one point, pretty evenly split between the Juvies and the Adults. (The Juvies only look bigger because they have more feathers) "No Mister Kitty this is MY Pot Pie!!!!" (South Park reference for those in the know)
Eagles are not so big on table manners......
.....and like any other family meal time can turn into a fight. ( I Love this Photo, you can almost hear the Screeches and the Caw's as they are bickering)
I Really hate bullies, so i ran inside the AC(50% off why not?) and got a couple of bags of Beef Jerkey and meat snacks and started tossing them out to the eagles that were not having much luck.
I probably got closer than I should have in a few of these photos(Seriously, if the picture expands just look at those Claws) but it was so Worth it!!!
AND FINALLY I noticed Alexander in the Crowd and got him to come over for some close up shots!!
Alexander knows he is my favorite, and he now Knows my huge black trenchcoat on sight. He always "Caww's" a hello and I almost always have something for him.
How Do I tell him apart from the rest? His beek just looks a little different, a bit more yellow tan than most of the others, his call is just a litle longer and a bit more high pitched, and he has this heart shaped pattern of feathers on his right wing and a smaller one on the fold of his left wind that you can just barely see here.

Such A Good Looking Boy!!!!
Anyway though, I have to go Check some rooms and then do some more stuff for the banquet tonight and over the next few days, as well as plan some things out for the Hospitality Employees Holiday Party.
So Everyone, stay, eat, and Talk!!!
And Have a GREAT Sunday!!!


Kathy said...

A little beefcake after the cheesecake? You sneaky devil! :o)

Carlisleboy said...

You know everyone was all about Jake when he started and did not give up the Josh Love easily. (Bad boy love and all that). But I really gained alot more respect for Josh when he was taking care of Phil when he was sick last year, and I now like him as much as his brother. The only thing holding him back from rising above Jake is the Facial Hair. I HATE beards!!!

Mystic said...

Thank you for the window seat..the view was magnificent. OMG ...Crepes are my fav!!! too die for, and avian entertainment to boot! Wow! what a day! It still is amazing to me how many eagles you guys have. I see hawks and other birds of prey here frequently, bur never eagles.
Oh..check your unisea email hon..I sent you information about the "crab biography" we discussed a week or so ago...Looks like we have a thumbs up for the adventure!
Have a wonderful day!
Oh..and I'm with you on the facial hair...

Ang said...

Another wonderful Sunday brunch! Yes, those desserts looked delicious. The eagles are beautiful - I wish I had eagles here so I could use any of their feathers that fall off for my dream catchers that I make (but I use the ones in the yard from the blue jays and cardinals). Now I'm stuffed from lookig at this brunch and my latkes I just made. Have a wonderful Sunday!

sunshiner said...

What a relaxing brunch! The crepes were fabulous - who wouldn't go back for seconds? I had a lot of respect for Josh as a greenhorn, but who was it with the TV? As an often manipulated parent, I felt for Phil big time over the tv and can't help wondering what channels they get. When the price mentioned was approximately 50% less than the true price, I felt guilty, I play that game with my husband all the time. He always believes me. I have come with some wildly ridiculous stories to cover expenses and he always believes me. Well, at least he never questions me.

Miss said...

Cheesecake is one of my favs...yum! Josh I have to say is a cutie and I personally love the facial hair!! Thanks for the Sunday brunch!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Oh that George! What a great spread, and mini cheesecakes to boot! YAY! All of those eagles! WOW! I never get tired of seeing them. I love that you can pick out Alexander from the crowd and that he knows you too. Thanks for the reservation! ;)

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Okay CB, I just HAVE to ask you: how do you get Blogger to accept your photos so that each and EVERY one of them will expand to their original size? I can throw, for example, three photos into a post and only the top photo will expand to its original large loaded size. None of the following or lower photos will even be recognized. What am I doing wrong?


Carlisleboy said...

OK BZ, Here is how I do it!! (The Photo upload you dirty minded people out there!!!!!)
1. Plan out in which order you want to place your photos.
2. Upload them in REVERSE order so the first picture loaded is the last one on the post.
4. Once the pictures are uploaded "Publish" Them.
5. Then Use the edit function to go back and put in your comments and captions.
6.DO NOT MOVE the photos by clicking on them and "dragging" them. You can clean up your post using the backspace key to eliminate the excess space between photos.
7. Usually before my first publish and the edit for the Title I put in someting like "Photo Tease before I comment"
8. Republish and it should come out fine!!!

This is way too complicated. An evil Democrat obviously came up with this as a way to safeguard their job position. Much Like the Democrats Being the "Party of the Poor" and through their policies keeping people poor to ensure their re-election.

Suzassippi said...

I tried the photo upload first and then go back and edit like you suggested, CB, but I discovered that I can load photos first, and then go back and add the comments before publishing it all at the same time and it still works.

Ang, when I visited Dutch, I picked up a fallen eagle feather once, and was informed it is illegal to even pick up a feather on the ground or to possess it. I was freaked about being in a Dutch jail and never seeing day light again.

Kim said...

I cant eat cheesecake! But the crepes look fantastic. LoL@George. Im so full just from thinking about the food. love the eagle pics. Just be careful...they are wild animals.

Kim said...

Oh I prefer Josh to Jake. Josh seems a bit more mature. Facial hair is good on some guys. Like Edgar is a total hottie with both beard and goatee. But Andy would look so weird with it. Josh would look too young without a beard.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

CB: okay, so you have to load your photos in reverse order, write nothing, finish, then publish. Then, you go back and enter your text and publish once again?

Final question: can you enter all your photos at once in order to have them expand to original size, or, desiring that, do you have to load and publish them separately, one at a time?

Maybe I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be?


Carlisleboy said...

I Load them all at the Same time BZ, I just write nothing between them and do not move them around once they are place and I have No trouble with them.
I have tried it the way Suzzi Suggested before (Thanks Suz BTW) but it did not work for me that way. This seems to be what works for me, So I am sticking with it.