Monday, December 8, 2008

Kim and Carlisleboy's Dinner

Forget about you?
Oh No Kim, not true!
I just thought you were up
For more "adult" food.
I do love the Dom,
But the Roederer is nice
Hush Already, don't look at the price
I think we should start
with the King Crab Cakes,
or would the Crab and Artichole dip
be more to your taste?

The Seared Ahi Salad is a good Choice,
But the Alaskan Crab Louis
Is rather more to the point.

I do love Filet, both Mignon and Oscar,
But keeping with the Crab Theme,
I say Bristol Bay Red King should be our Topper.

Oh you are stuffed,
Ready to Burst?
You had best make some space
For either Crème Brûlée or Cheesecake.

Now what have we learned from this little feast?
In the Hotel trade we never "forget",
We just do everything to hide our mess!!!

(Sorry Kim, Hope this made up for the Brunch)

Crab Report

The Gulf Winds should be done offloading by the time Cornelia Marie gets here about 11am tomorrow. Thank all of you for postitive feedback!! I hope I will be able to Show you all what REALLY goes on "AFTER THE CATCH" LOL!!!
And Finally two things. I need to stop posting in Rhyme 'cause I was giving my Housekeepers directions in it today.
And A Very Warm Welcome to MeowMix, purrduedvm, Bonnie, Helen, GryffHoo, and Ninja-Motorhome!, The Newest Members of "Dirt" (Gosh, Busy Day Yesterday for Followers, Note to self, Food Motivates People)


gbbarb said...

Love your blog but I am having trouble reading the crab reports. The print size is too small and fuzzy, any suggestions?

Nebraska Outback said...

I have been following your blog for awhile now, through Google reader, but I felt left out since I wasn't invited to your brunch. Consider me an official follower now. Love your poetry and prose, crabbing updates and picts.

Lori said...

Yes, food does motivate - especially those of us that love King Crab - well, everything you've shown us looks so.....good! Hey, got my package yesterday! I was so excited and had to open it right away. Think my daughter is going to love the sweatshirt! Mine just fits - I love it! And the little extra something inside.......well, you're very special to me and I thank you. You made my day!

Kim said...

You are absolutely incredible. Thank you. The food sounds so delicious.

Bonnie said...

Im too, am having a very difficult time reading the crab report.
Can you post the website or is that for UniSea employees only?

Carlisleboy said...

Bonnie and gbbarb
I am trying to work out the kinks on how to make the pictures expand. I think I may have it figured out, Check out Wednesdays Report once I have it posted and we will see. Blogger is weird.

BunnyC said...
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BunnyC said...

Wow Thanks for the update CB! And I'll have the crab legs and a bottle of Dom!!!!!!