Thursday, December 11, 2008

George Of the Cornelia Marie; The Sagath Continueith

And Here is George. This evil, evil crab has been found guilty of numerious crimes too henious to mention in Polite Society. Even at this late state he was unrepentant. Do not feel sad for George. He Deserves what is to Happen Next.
Just Look at that. Even at this time, minutes before execution he is exposing himself to all of you. He just has no Shame!!!Ahh, good, one of the Workers has noticed this Cheeky crab flaunting the laws and Makes a Grab for him.
George is going to be passed off to the Shift Lead(In Orange) so that I can take my pictures, and hopefully Dissuade other Crab drom Following George's Life of Evil!
I will not repeat George's Last Words. They are just Horrible. George is Placed against the Block........ ...And Chopped in Half with the Remants Falling to the floor. George's Shell is right in the Center of the Pile. His legs are placed on a Runway that goes to the Gilling station. Remember Crab Kiddies, A life of Crime leads you HERE!!!! The Gilling Station is just....well it's just....well GROSS!!! Seriously, I would rather Chop the Crab in Half than be here!! And yes, that is Crab Gills, innards and "other' matter that is being sprayed back from the brushes and onto the workers as they are cleaning up the leg Clusters for the next step. Do you wonder why they are covered from top to bottom with Rain Gear Goggles and Masks? The Legs are then Washed Thourghly and sent on down the Line Ohh. Look there is George....or part of him. He is arriving at the weighing and Sorting tables.
George For all his Crimes and Evil Deeds was still a "Clean Crab". The Preceding two pictures show examples of what you hear on 'Deadliest Catch' as "Dirty Crab". There is nothing wrong with the meat inside, but because it does not look good on the table it does not fetch as high a price as "Clean Crab" Naughty Naughty Cornelia Marie!!!
You can see George's One Claw in the Bottom Tray, still trying to cause injury. Evil Evil Crab. Still he was Judged to be in a Cluster of 900<>
Lids are placed on top and then secured and the Crab is placed in The Cooking Tanks, where is cooks at 220 Degrees for 25-30 minutes. The Crab them Moves on to the Ambient Temperature Tanks where it cools before heading to the Quick Freezing tanks. Did you ever wonder why they need to recieve the Crab "Live"? It is because once the Crab is dead the blood quickly rots, especially when it is not in water and the "blueing" of the Crab begins which makes it unsellable. The Quick Freezing Tanks are totally "Cool". Like Super Cold, and they quick freeze the Crab and do the special Ice Glaze to protect the Crab in a matter of Minutes. The Crab is then Removed from the metal trays and placed into prelined boxes, sealed and then taken to the COLD storage Room. How Cold? Try -30 Cold!!
So Do you think that is Everything?
Just a Moment, WAIT!!!
You have not yet seen George on a PLATE!!!!
Check Back tomorrow to see his FINAL FATE!!!!!
And A Great Big Welcome To Alexis08r The Newest Follower of "Dirt"!!!


Janice said...

Great pics, we can finally enlarge them. I guess the trick is to post them and then write- don't know why though. What did you have to do to get permission to go into the plant to take pics? Since it is a working plant I don't think just anyone can go to the assembly/working line due to safety issues. Also can you repost the menu in bigger pics. I feel the need for some room service.

Carlisleboy said...

Yup Janice I think I fugured it Out!!!!!!!!!
Even though I work at the Hotel I am A Manager for Unisea and have certain "priviliges". But Really they are happy to have anyone who wants come and take a look around. They are a god clean company with nothing to hide, so why not? Although I did have to wear rain gear, goggles, Gloves and these Horrible Boots. It was still worth it!!!

Dani said...

haha love it!!! imagine that george still tryin to expose himself...they never learn!!

Kim said...

lol Thats great you were able to do the tour. That looks like a super messy place to work. Might have to send Mike Rowe there! Can you redo the menus. I want to take a better look. Thanks. Love the pics and commentary. Again you are incredible.

Mystic said...

Hey Carlisleboy...How long does the process take from start to finish?
I truly enjoyed your expose' covering the sorted (pun intended) life of George the crab!

Miss said...

I still can't get over George exposing himself, lol! A rebel to the end! I can't wait for tomorrow's story. Great job and awesome pics!

Ang said...

I never knew all that goes into getting crab ready for sale. Interesting! Can't wait to see tomorrows story!

purrduedvm said...

Great!! Thanks for showing us what happens to naughty crabs :) Can't wait to see him in a store near me :)muahhhhhhhaaaa.....

Lori said...

Great story and pics! Thanks so much for taking the time to educate all of us on the processing of the crab. OK, so today, I don't feel so bad for George, but don't think he will be ending up on my table in FL. :-(

Alaska Steve said...

Good job on the documentation, you captured it well. And that Unisea product is almost as good as ours! heheh

Sorry I couldn't make it for midnight madness, I was on dog walk duty and then trying to get the new mac to work with blogger.


Cori said...

I m sure George will go down well on the plate ... no pity for him at all .. !! Thanks for putting this up i am really enjoying your blogs!!! :)