Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Shortest Day?

This is in reponse to all the Family and friends that think that Alaska is totaly Dark all the time During the Winter. Today is SUPPOSED to be the Shortest Day of the Year. The Sun here rises at 10:18Am and Sets about 5Pm. The previous photo is Mt Ballyhoo at 9Am
When the sun did finally peek out after 10am the entire range of Mountains around us were tinted this beautiful pink that these photos do not capture in all it's glory.

Ballyhoo was especially beautiful.

I was down by the Horizon Dock and Snapped off a few good ones around sunrise.

Seriously, if it is as beautiful as this on the shortest day of the Year I can not WAIT for the Longest Day!!!
And Now a SPECIAL PHOTO for Kim, and her alone!!! Everyone else can stop reading and just move along to the Comment section. Thank you for bringing our Newest Member Fizz!!!!
Seriously, Stop Looking. GO and Comment.


Elizabeth Douglas said...

Beautiful pictures! When I was up in Delta Junction in July, it never seemed to get as truly dark as it does was always this gorgeous shade of twilight...the sun would set around midnight and rise around 5:30...

Ang said...

I;m so glad you posted pictures of today. I can't wait to tell all those people who keep thinking it's completely dark this time of year in Alaska and have proof that it isn't. Love the pictures.

Mystic said...

The photos today are truly breathtaking! Thank you for sharing them with us.

P.S. Can you save me a window seat for tomorrow's brunch?
Hugs...Merry Christmas and Keep singing!

sunshiner said...

Wow! It's like you have ESP; I've been wondering about the amount of daylight especially on 'the shortest day'. Thanks, the pictures are incredible!

Dani said...

pictures are amazing!! i wish i lived somewhere that was as nice...i guess i do live somewhere nice but its one of those things you dont realise until its gone. lol

Gigi said...

You will love the longest days of summer when it's light till 1 AM or so!