Monday, December 29, 2008

Two Months in Dutch, What inspires me every day.

Today Marks Two Months in Dutch. What do I love about it so Far?
I Love that NOTHING beats having a Mountain Dew once you climb the Bunker on Bunker Hill.
I Love seeing Eagles every day!
I Love Alexander the best Eagle around!
I Love Checking rooms and seeing views like this out every window.
I Love finding new places and things that I have have not seen before, like this temporary waterfall on the road to Summer Bay.
I Love Little Priest Rock!
I Love The Sunrise!!

ALL of them!!

Most of all I love being able to share this with each of you!!!

Keep those Comments Comming, and soon something you said will be a Post on


AND Welcome to Angel Girl and ErieLady The Newest Followers of Dirt!!

Special Hi to Erie Lady as I grew up in Northwest PA in Elk County!!


Miss said...

I absolutely look forward to your pics! Dutch Harbor is gorgeous! The wildlife is gorgeous! One day I will visit....if I can get over my fear of flying :(

Mystic said...

I love that you have made such wonderful friends ie. your staff, Steve, Goldfish, Chico ;D in just two months. That says a lot about what kind of community Unalaska really is!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm looking forward to NYE party pics!

ErieLady said...

Hi back from the North Shore of the lake and Dreary Erie, its biggest mistake.

Dani said...

oh such pretty pictures i would love to beable to see eagles up close like in real life, that would be amazing!!!

Carlisleboy said...

Your Blog is inspiring!!!
Good Luck!!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

CB: the place you work, is that the red roof or the blue roof in the top photo?


Suzassippi said...

I did not realize you had been there only 2 months! It is a pretty unique place, I think, and I look forward to coming back this summer if all works out. One day in the Chart Room, we met a guy from Louisiana, my next door neighbor. Small world.

Kim said...

We love reading your blog CB. I will visit one day! Just may be a while lol.

Carlisleboy said...

Red Roof BZ. All the Blue Roofs are Unisea Employee Apartments and bunkhouses. The Flat roofs are the Processing plants, warehouses and Power plants.
And Miss...Fear of Flying? I might just have to send Alexander Down your way to show you how it is done!!

Ang said...

Still living your pictures. Glad I missed the hater from previous post. I love your blog and also plan to visit one day. Keep on posting the pictures and I love the rhymes. Are there any special functions that the town does to celebrate New Years? Just curious.
Thanks again!

Carlisleboy said...

The Hotel is running a $65 room special that night (About 1/2 our regular price), and Both Bars (Cape Cheerful at the Hotel and the Unisea Bar) are offering Live music, prizes, raffles, drink specials, and shuttle service back to the Grand. (No reason to get a DUI in other words!) Also the Town shoots off fireworks at Midnight. I plan on getting ALOT of photos of them. Check out the Ones on Alaska Steve's Blog from Previous years. VERY COOL SHOTS.

BunnyC said...

CB the pictures are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! It must be incredible to live in such a gorgeous place with a great sense of community and awesome wildlife! Between you and Alaska Steve I get my fill of animal pics. Thanks again and have a good night!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I can see why you're inspired to blog about this beautiful place! One of these days I would love to visit Dutch and see the sights....
My Best, Sugar Queen

Lori said...

I love what inspires you about Dutch Harbor and am glad that I found you as a friend. You (and Steve) inspire me every day and I truly hope that I do get to Dutch someday. I too am glad that I have missed the "hate" blogger. It boggles my mind why people do that and as the saying goes, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all". I see two more NW forum fans have found your blog and before you know it, they all will find it and be followers, especially if you keep up on the "NW spoilers" - so get ready because I believe there are over 5,000 NW forum members.

Leigh said...

The photos are breath taking. Whatever inspired you to take a job there I know you must be thankful every day to work in such a beautiful place!!!

Miss said...

You might just have too :) Isn't that just silly of me? I have never been on a plane so I am not exactly sure as to what I am really afraid of.

Elizabeth Douglas said...

You've only been there two months?!?! I was assuming you for a lifer! (well, you know what they say about assumptions...) Your pics are always gorgeous and I look forward to them and the witty posts! I'm sorry there was apparently a hater around these need for that! Thanks for all the great stuff! I'd love to see it for myself one day.

Copperpossum said...

'Stumbled' over this blog via link on 'Opilias' Deadliest reports page-FANTASTIC! Your posts as to life in Dutch are highly entertaining.Thanks for sharing.
( To be snarky-we're all running our ACs in Lower Ala. now...70+degrees)

Carlisleboy said...

That is one reason I was so Glad to Leave Southern Florida Copperpossum!!! I HATE THE HEAT!!!

Alaska Steve said...

Great list Brian, and you've blended in well around here. Even with the raven coat . . . . I got the news on the new fireworks time when they did a tone test on the EMS channel tonight, now hope for good weather!

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