Friday, December 5, 2008

Trouble for the Cornelia Marie and An Apology to Swedish Meatballs.

First Off, Let it be Known TO ALL THE LAND that it was NOT the Swedish Meatballs that made me ill. Swedish Meatballs have a long and proud Culinary history and if you ever watched the Show "Babylon 5" you know that every Alien Culture, no matter what they eat, has a version of Swedish Meatballs. THEY ARE NOT TO BLAME FOR MY TUMMY ACHE!!! It was not Food Poisoning it was just a Stomach Virus!!!! The Meatballs and the Sauce were quite tasty in fact!!I am a picky eater (Just ask my Mum) and if they were not good I would not have eaten so many of them. I was feeling sick before I ate them and that was just all I could taste for a day then. You know how it is right? You eat or drink something while you are sick and then for a long time afterward you associate that with being sick. Sorta like swearing off Bacardi 151 after going out on a Thursday night and waking up Sunday morning back in your apartment with a return ticket from Boston and $200.00 more in your wallet than you began with, but no memory of the days in between. I mean we have all done that Right?


Perhaps now the people at
Will call off the Hit Squad

Ok, Now, On to the Cornelia Marie.
Bad Weather and Bad Fishing have put the CM behind schedule and they had to call in for a new offload date. They have only 70,000 pounds of their 110,000 pound quota. The New Offload Date is the 9th of December. If You are looking at the report you see the "Score Afternoon". The "Score" is simply the Amout of Crab or fish the ship has aboard. When they did the Radio call this morning not all of the boats had the best figures because I believe they had a pretty rough time out there last night with the weather, and will give firm figures this afternoon.

Lets all Pray for all the guys out there right now, that they can get their quotas and be home for Chirstmas with their families!!!

Have a Great Day Everyone!!!

And A warm welcome to 13rook3 The Newest member of "Dirt"


Ninja-Motorhome! said...

two things I didnt know:
gay. catholic. republican. all @ once? Its an orgy of cancellation. I like it.

hotel in D.H.: I suppose there would have to be, but still, strange to consider for some reason.

your spot strangely fascinates me.

Frieda said...

Your screen shots no longer enlarge for me when I click on them. Am I doing something wrong? As to the lost weekend, sadly mine never had extra cash involved. Maybe it was because it was vodka and not 151.

Carlisleboy said...

"strangely fascinates"........HUMMM
I will take that as a compliment. If the rest of this world is "Normal" I'll take "Strange" Anyday!!!
For more on the Gay Republican Part check out
I'm a Proud member.
AS to the Hotel in Dutch Harbor, we are set to make over $5 Million next year in room Revnue. Good reason for there to be a hotel? But the Hotel is more than that. It has the only Fine Dining restaurant on the island, the only space for large banquets and functions, and Operates two of the Bars on the island. It is not just a "Hotel" but is an essential part of the community. Plus it is kinda cool and decadent to be able to order Filet Mignon Oscar, Garlic Roasted Asparagus and an excellent bottle of wine while the wind howls by outide at 8omph as you watch the Crab fleet head out from the second story "Chart Room" Restaurant overlooking Margaret's Bay. Just a thought.......LOL

Where have you been? I have missed you!!! I just saw about the Enlargement failure. I do not know but I am working on it. Probably something evil that Microsoft has done.

Alaska Steve said...

Glad you're feeling better! Blog looks great!

Helen said...
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Helen said...


Thank you for taking the time to pen this wondeful blog! You can count on my presence almost daily. I want to know what's happening right away.

Thanks so very much. Hopefully the Cornelia Marie Crew can finish up right away and get home for the holidays.

Cornelia Marie is my favorite DC boat and the crew are very special to me.