Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Exhaustion

I am So sorry Everyone. I am just so wore out from the past few days I am just going home to bed. I hate to break my promises but when I explain in tomorows post i trust you will all understand. Heck, I am so tired I have had to spell correct almost every word on here.

Merry Christmas to All once again


sunshiner said...

Relax, get some rest and don't even think about it. We'll keep.

Kim said...

Aww poor Brian. Hope you had a good day! Get your brain and fingers working together again!

Lori said...

You deserve a break and we'll all still hang around and wait for more DH dirt! Oh, and by the way - my daughter loves the DH, Island girl sweatshirt. She's says "it's so soft". She has been wearing it to swim practice every morning.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I LOVE your blog!