Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cornelia Marie Freddie and Sunday Brunch With the "Dirt" Group

And a GOOD SUNDAY MORNING to gbbarb,Alexis08r, Lauri, rpascale, Nebraska Outbback,homergirl78, MeowMix, purrduedvm, Bonnie, Helen, GryffHoo, Ninja-Motorhome, Mystic, sunshiner, Dani, Miss, 13rook3, snowymistyriver, BunnyC, TexasHoosier,Lori,Bryan Kraai, Kim, Kathy, Ang, Janice, Alaska Steve, Frieda, Mum, Ernie, Joann, Austin, Shirley, Ken, AND BUTTONS! (By The Way Shirley Ken, and Buttons Be on the Lookout for a Package Arriving On the 16th or 17th)
Our Little Group has Grown so I have reserved the Entire Lower Section of the Chart Room for Us today. Go, Go, Fill up your Plates!!!
Frieda, Mystic and Lori No More Mimosa's till you eat something!!! Three is enough!!
Bonnie, Helen and Sunshiner I want you to eat something too before heading down to the Bloody Mary bar!!
Do Make Sure to Have some of the Polenta Hotcakes with the Cranberry/Maple Butter. As you can see from the white Mock Turtleneck I am Wearing and the brand new stain on the Front I REALLY liked them this morning. If you like them as Much as I do Thank Richard the Executive Chief and MAYBE he will put them on buffet again in a few weeks!!!! They are Wonderful Rich!!!

The Blue Cheese is Really well veined and creamy today, and the Black Peppercorn is great too.

Junior is over at the Carving Station again today but he and Rich Spent all moring making up some fabulous Looking Desserts. Be sure to Tip him, The Culinary Institute of America Does Not come Cheap!!
Everybody Got their Plates? Good, Lets sit Down. Lots to Discuss today!! Can you believe this weather? In the 40's all week and the snow is all melted. Heck, We are warmer up here than in a good portion of those other 49 States!! The Wind is really going to pick up for the next day or so though, and it is SUPPOSED to go down to the 30's again. I wish Winter would finally get here and stay for a spell!!
The EARLY line for the Unisea Christmas Dinner last night was already out the Door...
Before the First of the Food Even Got Served!!!!
Even with all these People, the Kitchens still Came Through.......
....With Mountains and Mountains of Wonderful Food.
My Lord In Heaven Can Processors eat!!!
And You might be wondering how we handled those 100 Children?

Santa Claus
Papai Noel
Shengdan Laoren
Viejo Pascuero
Sinter Klaas
Father Christmas
Saint Nicholas
Pere Noel
Saint Nikolaus
De Kerstman
Tel-apo/Mikulas/ Winter grandfather
Santa Claus, Baba
Babbo Natale
Kaledu Senelis
Black Peter
Papa Noel
Swiety Mikolaj
Ded Moroz
El Nino Jesus
Santa is the Best Crowd Control for Children EVER!!! Thankfully for Us living Up HERE it is only a One Minute Flight For Him from the North Pole By Magic Reindeer.
Finally with the Party Done I got That Drink So many of you told me to go for, and Who Should I run in Too but Freddie From The Cornelia Marie!!
He is as much fun as you would think, and Overall Just a REALLY nice Guy. Hope they get up in time for the Buffet Today!!!
Anyway, I got to go and Check some rooms now. You all Just stay and Finish your Brunches!!!
And Everyone Have a GREAT Sunday!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am going to a gym, have a personal trainer and supposed to be on a diet and you invite me to brunch with polenta pancakes with cranbury/maple butter? You are cruel, CB. OMG, it all looked so good and scrumtious. A bloody mary or two would really hit the spot. Thank you for the kind invite CB, so glad all went well last night.

Frieda said...

Who knew that Mimosa's were double potent in Dutch? The food is wonderful, and so is the host. Thanks a ton, hon.

Miss said...

This blog surely cheered me up a little! I have had one scary weekend.

The dessert table looks absolutely awesome again. I think by now you can tell I am the sugar freak. Freddie looks very laid back! I bet he is so fun to hang out with!

Glad everything went well for you guys it looked like a lot of fun! Thanks for the update!

Carlisleboy said...

I am sorry to hear that. I'll send up a good Pray to my main guy Saint Michael The Archangel!!!

Mystic said...

The food and beverages were divine, but it is the good company here that will have me returning for a long time to come.
The dining room looks so festive, and I'm glad the children enjoyed the visit with santa.
Have a wonderful week!

Miss said...

Thank you so much.....that is so sweet of you. Prayers have definitely been answered this weekend.

Ang said...

Brunch looks good and time to mingle with old and new friends. Thank you for the invite. Glad the party went well and with the kids and Santa!

Kathy said...

CB, you and your staff sure know how to put on a party! Everything looked wonderful. I wouldn't imagine that anyone on the island would want to miss out. Guess that means that there aren't too many leftovers tucked away to send down here, huh? Rats, didn't think so somehow. Don't think a chicken biscuit is going to come anywhere close this morning.

Lori said...

Well, I was almost sad you forget me in the initial invite, but then you remembered me when thinking about the mimosa. Must be a FL thing, huh? Everything looked so wonderful and very festive. Glad all went well and thanks for the invite.....wish I could have been there in person! Freddie looks very tired and hey, did the other guys ever make it down to dinner?

Carlisleboy said...

You are there Lori, Right After Texas Hoosier!!!
I'd Never forget My FL Girl!!!

Anonymous said...


It was wonderful this past Sunday at brunch! I had never met Mystic before and we hit it off right away. So glad you didn't tell anyone that Bonnie and I spilled our Mimosas... You can dress us up, but all hell breaks loose when you take us out!

I think it was because Freddie was there and I had never met him. OMG, he's a hunk!

We'll gladly join you at brunch any time. Thanks for the invite!

heleninseattle said...


I actually wrote the comment above that says "anonymous". I'm not too bright (or I'm still drunk) and didn't fill out the freakin' information correctly. My bad!


Carlisleboy said...

Helen, I Told You to eat something before that next drink. That is Freddie's Girlfriend with him BTW. and she is really nice as well. They have a nice little place over in Unalaska. I have no Idea why the Website for the CM talks about him having family in Idaho. Unless someone misundersttod when he said American Samoa!!!

Carlisleboy said...

Ok, Sorry, But I can just not have 13 Comments.

Kim said...

Now I have to do double workouts again! CB Im on a diet!! I cant be doing those incredible brunches...unless I have a hunky man to work the calories off with. It sounds like everything worked out and the kids had a blast! You are the best!

Lori said...

Oops, sorry I must have (and did) totally overlook it. Nice pic of Freddie and his gal. Can hardly wait until the next brunch! Oh, by the way, when will the story of "George" continue?

Carlisleboy said...

As soon as "George" Gets Ordered!!!