Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meet George, From the Cornelia Marie.

Meet George. Gerorge is a Red King Crab From The Bering Sea. Gerorge is not a Nice Crab. George tried to Snap at Carlisleboy as he was taking photos. George Also has a Long Criminal History with ties to Murder, Gun Running, Loan Sharking, Fishnapping, and Grevious Bodily Assualt on injured seahorses. Do not feel bad for what is going to happen to George. If he could, he would kill and eat you, and every one you love.

To give you an Overview of the Unisea Crab Processing Plant, I have included this Map from Google Earth. The Next Picture is Labeled "First Picture of Unisea Dock" The Unisea dock is Cool in the fact that it is Heated so not much snow or Ice builds up on it, Even in Dutch Harbor weather!!!

If this picture enlarges like I hope it will you can see the Crane down at the end of the Dock Hauling off the Cornelia Marie's Hard won Bounty.

The Cornelia Marie, back home in Dutch Harbor Safe with Mount Newhall in the Background.

The Crane is moving over into position to pick up the empty Brailer.

Attaching the Brailer to the Crane

The Crane being Lowered into the Hold.

George and a hundred or so of his "Criminal Associates" Being Transferred to Unisea Custody.

George Tried to make a break for it at this point, but a little shaking of the Crane made him fall "Back in Line"

At this point the Crab is Weighed (see Red lights on weigh station) while additional security is provided by SeaGull Enterprises. Seagull Enterprises, Cleaning up Human's Messes since 10,000 BC. Call for a quote today!!

The Crab Brailer is loaded into a Containment Cage for Transport to the Unisea Crab Plant.

The Containment Cage Arrives at The Unisea Plant.

George Attempts to Escape again, But his life of Crime will soon be Over!!!




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Dani said...

lol love the story!! pictures are amazing as always. Am looking forward to the next part :D

Carlisleboy said...

AHH SHOOT!!! Stupid Blogger!!!
You can expand the First picture but the other ones no. It seems that if I post pictures I have to post them all at the beginning and then start writing. Either that or only the first one that I load will expand. Darn It!!!

Miss said...

I love how you tell the story! So fun. It is so beautiful up there! Great job with your blog and I too can't wait for the next part!! Have a great night!

purrduedvm said...

LOL. Send George or one of his associates to me....I'll show him justice! Yummmmm!

Ang said...

Love the story and pictures! That was great. Look forward to more!

Kathy said...

That George fellow looked kind of dangerous, CB. I hope you had a security flock of your own, just for safety! Great story so far - can't wait to see what George has coming to him next. Yummm!

Lori said...

Love it CB! This is like a soap - you should be a writer! I'm kind of getting attached to George. Like Purrdeudvm said, "send George to me!" Pictures are great and love the map! And you're right, no to be a way to fix that. Have a great day!

Kim said...

Feel free to send one of Georges associates to me. I have 3 kids who can beat him...err reeducate him! LoL Love the pics and commentary.