Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cornelia Marie Offloading and the Crab Plant

I am happy to report that I WAS able to "Follow That Crab" All the way from the Cornelia Marie's Hold to Being Boxed for sale. I have so many pictures it will probably take 3 days to post them all, But trust me it will be worth it.

Above is a Short Preview

Much More over the next few Days,
But today is my day off,
and my Laundry is calling my name!!!
On a side note Helen and Bonnie, I talked to the Harris boys as they were leaving the boat for lunch and said Hi to Them from you. Jake Told me that you Both "Rock".


BunnyC said...
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sunshiner said...

Looking forward to your photos. Thank you for all the time you take on your blog. I especially liked the rhyming and your special inviation to Kim. Keep up the good work. It's so interesting.

Miss said...

The preview pics are so cool and cannot wait to see the rest of them!!

Lori said...

Morning CB! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics! This is going to be fun! Oh, and the Harris boys "rock"!

helen said...

Hello CB!

Blushing here... Having Jake Harris think I "Rock" ROCKS ME, lol! Gotta luv Jake and Josh - they're wonderful. :D

Dani said...

cant wait to see the rest of your pictures!! :)

Kim said...

I really needed that. It made my month! You really go above and beyond with your blog and pictures. I cant wait to see all of the pics. THank you again so much!