Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cornelia Marie, Cascade Mariner and the end of the storm

The New Crab Report is out

The Cascade Mariner made is safely to Dutch Last night, closer to 9pm than the estimate of 7pm. The Crewmember is leaving on the plane for Anchorage today, and they started offloading 20,000 pounds of King Crab about an hour ago.

This SHOULD be Cornelia Marie's Last Full day out there before they start steaming to port to make their December 7th Offload date at Unisea. If there are any Cornelia Marie Fans out there let me know and I will try to get pictures as they are unloading again.

AND the storm Finally stopped. It has been Blowing for like 5 days straight and last night was the worst with gusts in the 70's!!!

Now begins the long wait till Opilo and Pollock "A" Season Begins In Jan. The Original Productions (Deadliest Catch) people are all back home enjoying the Down time before the Real "Deadly" Season begins.

Crab Pots just waiting for next season, Notice that what with the rain and the wind the snow is now almost gone again.

Well, I got rooms to check, so Bye for now, and have a great day!

Oh, And Welcome to BunnyC the Newest follower of the "Dirt"


Lori said...

Thanks for the updates on both the CM boats! Yes, do love Phil and the boys, so pics of the Cornelia Marie would be appreciated; although, keep in mind the Northwestern is #1 on my list! Glad the storm finally stopped. Looking forward to some new island pics on Steve and Darryl's blog. Oh, and called the gift shop today - they're calling me back in about an hour to place my order. I really want something cute for my daughter - I just hope the girl understands. I'm leaning towards the "Island Girl" sweatshirt!

Carlisleboy said...

No Problem Lori. I will go over there right now just to make sure

Alaska Steve said...

CB, good to see you posting, I was afraid you might have gone outside in the raven coat and got blown back to Florida . . . .

Janice said...

Loved your backstory poem. You need to set up a map to record the locations of your visitors. Contact Darryl from Notes from Akutan if you don't know how to add it to your site. It would be fun to track hits. Am a big fan of the CM- do post any sightings. Thanks.

Carlisleboy said...

Hi Janice
You did not have an e-mail linked to your profile or you would have gotten a welcome message that way.
As soon as the CM comes in I will get some shots and post them. They will have a pretty full load so they will be on Dock for a while.
I do have a tracker that I "borrowed" from Steve the little red button on the right of the screen bellow the log listings and such
And STEVE, What are you doing online at this hour? Day off?

Alaska Steve said...

Day off?? You know me better than that - it was lunch time!