Monday, December 15, 2008

Dreary Dutch Harbor Day, But Eagles make everything better!

I have been Debating for some time about posting the Eagle Pictures I can take Every day out near the Hotel's Dumpster. On the One Hand it is SOOOO Cool to see eagles up close and personal everyday. Heck, I have Names for Some of them if I regnonize them. (The Juvineiles are the easiest to Tell Apart. The One on the Rock Is Alexander)On the Other Hand I hate to see these Magnificent Animals picking at Garbage. My Mum Assured me that Eagles are Cool no matter where they are, and at least this way I know they all have full bellies for the hard winter days.

Eagles here are like pigeons in other cities, Although Far more respected. There really is nothing like walking home from work and having an eagle fly three feet over your head, or to keep pace with the car as you are heading down the road.

They are AMAZING. Even if they do PURPOSEFULLY AIM at people when they are defecating, Though not at me. I bribe them on my daily walks with Frozen Fatty Bits that I cut off my steaks, pork, chicken and turkey, as well as stale bread and rolls. I think as long as I have leftovers I will be alright!!!

Oh, BTW, All of these pictures were taken TODAY. The Snow is all melted down at lower elevations now and we have had rain for the past few Days. We better have soem snow by Christmas or I'll go all the way up Pyramid Peak to get it!!!


helen said...


"You get a peaceful easy feeling, and don't let it get you down; 'cause they've already eaten off the ground..." Taken somewhat loosely from a previous Eagle's hit.

Suzassippi said...

And there is that part about eagles being part of the vulture family, so eating trash may come naturally. :)

How do you get pictures, and then text, and pictures, etc.? I can't make mine do that.

Carlisleboy said...

I have to Post the Pictures first and Publish them, THEN go back and make spaces for typing. It took me a while to Figure out along with making the pictures expand when you clik on them.

Kim said...

We need to find Eagle poop repellent for you! Love the pics.

Suzassippi said...

Thanks, I'll try it! :)

Lori said...

Nice change of scenery; although I almost thought I was on Steve's blogger. No, really nice pics and write up. Hope today is a better day and hope you get the snow for Christmas. I only pray we have a cold Christmas. It's around 80 degrees this week. Miss it?

Carlisleboy said...

Twisted.....I LIKE it!!
Good Luck
Bribing them with meat seems to work. Especially Turkey!! Kinda twisted seeing an eagle rip into the remants of a Turkey Breast from the Deli. It is really no wonder there are no pigeons on the island.....
I am Not missing it at all. If I am walking along somewhere and the wind picks up and it gets bone chilling cold All I have to do is think back to those almost 3 years in Florida, sweating like a pig while walking the dogs at 1am and getting Mosquito bit and Suddenly All concers about the Cold go away and I thank the Big Guy Upstairs that I am here!!!!