Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crab Report Cornelia Marie and Cascade Mariner

The Cascade Mariner, not on the show but one of Unisea's "ships" is making an emergency trip back to Dutch due to a crew members injury. They Anchored up last night due to the weather but should get in late today.

Phil and the Boys on the Cornelia Marie are at about 75,000 pounds now and should make their Offload date with no problems. Supposidly they had some rough weather that I will be sure to ask about when I see them.

Best wishes to Cascade Mariner and we hope you make it back today.

Oh, And a warm welcome to my Newest Followers



Suzassippi said...

So, it explains your name, AND how you got to Dutch--how fun!

BunnyC said...

Thanks for the DC updates CB! Have a great day!

Lori said...

Thanks for the update on the CM. Glad to hear they're on track to come in. The guys need to get home for Christmas and spend some time with their families. My best to the crew member on the CM. Hopefully, not too serious, but if they had to come in, then it probably is serious enough. Oh, and I've been a follower since you've started your blog (you know that) - just forgot to click on the box!