Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Brunch with the "Dirt", Cornelia Marie at 100,000 LBS!!!

Mum, Joann, Ernie, Ausin, Mystic, Sunshiner, Dani, Miss, 13rook3, Snowymistyriver, BunnyC, TexasHoosier, Lori, Bryan Kraai, Kathy, Ang, Janice, Alaska Steve, and of Course Frieda; Would you care to join me for the First Brunch at the Grand this December?I Reserved a few tables for us Overlooking Margaret's Bay.Do you want to start right in on the King Crab (Fresh off the boat) and the salad bar?
Or Perhaps some eggs?
And then some Turkey, or Brown Sugar Ham Carved to order? (Remember to tip Junior, he is saving up for the Culinary Institute Of America)
Lots to Choose from, Including the Omlette and Waffle stations at the back of the Hot Food Line.And Do not Forget The Most IMPORTANT part of the Meal. DESSERT!!!
Now That we all have some food, Let us Discuss The Latest Crab ReportNow Cornelia Marie Fans do not despair. I have been assured that the 10,000lbs Number is a misprint and should be 100,000lbs which means they WILL make their new offload Date on Tuesday. As soon as they get in I will let you know and get some pictures.
The Fierce Allegience, one of the "backup" boats for "Deadliest Catch" is heading out today after almost two weeks of repairs. Lets all pray they land on some hot fishing so they can get back in time for the Holidays.

Sorry not more creative today with the Blog. Went out last night with friends and I Introduced (or is that infected) the Unisea Inn Bar with a New York City Club Drink Called "Your @$$ in Bed" or a "Cammorea". Let's just say the Bartenders REALLLY Liked it.
Ok, Now I am off to check on some rooms and hopefully go home soon to my poor lonley pillow on my big, comfy bed.
Oh, and Welcome to Both Sunshiner and Mystic, the Newest Followers of "Dirt"
Have A GREAT Sunday Everyone!!!


Miss said...

The dessert table is mine!!!! Yummy! I am so glad to hear about the Cornelia Marie and I can't wait to see pics.

Mystic said...

My GOSH! You would have to summons a crab boat to haul my fat butt out of there after eating all of that! What a beautiful view you guys have.
Thanks for sharing!

BunnyC said...

Thanks for brunch CB! It looks great!

Janice said...

Okay, I see cocktail sauce and lemons with the crab. I want BUTTER. God that looked good. Any possibility of posting a copy of the restaurant menu... and how much is the brunch. Will it break the bank?

Frieda said...

Ahh Brian, so kind of you to seat me with the best view! Everyone had a wonderful time and I am sure that Junior earned enough to pay for a week at CIA. I do have to ask though, what are the ingredients of "Your @$$ in Bed"? The ones that go in the glass that is. Mystic, the guys could get you and I aboard by crane. We could share the same net! Keep up the creativity, it makes my day!

purrduedvm said...

Wow..that's quite a feast. I'd love the dessert table...all to myself!!! :)
I, too, want to know what's in that drink...always looking for new and hopefully, tasty, ways to get buzzed :) LOL. Ever hear of a Baltimore Zoo?

Ang said...

I'm stuffed just looking at it. You'd have to roll me out of there or just let me pass out at the table. I want to know about the drink too :-)

Carlisleboy said...

So, food and Drink are what motivates my bloggers. Good To know. I think you all would fit in well here in Dutch!!!! LOL!!!

The "Your @$$ in Bed"
Vodka (HighestProof you can get)
Grapefruit Juice
Pineapple Juice
Orange Juice
Shaken with Crushed Ice Until Super Cold,strained, then served over Cubed ice or as a Shot once you float a layer of Bicardi 151 on top.
WARNING: This Drink will fool you!! Something about those particular liquors, the juices and the super cold temp disguise the alcohol taste. It actually tastes a bit like Hawaiian Punch, and goes down as easily, thus leading to overconsumption and "Your @$$ in Bed"
I will post the Menu, maybe tomorrow. Personally after living in New York and Florida I do not find it all that pricey, especially considering where we are.
Not a fan of the Baltimore Zoo. between the triple sec, grenandine and the splash of beer at the end (ABOMINATION in my eyes) it just does not do it for me. And I Actually had it where it was first made, PURDUE University. It is sorta the reason I do not like Long Island Iced teas. I Just do not like Triple Sec. No Offense!! Please do not eat me. You Are such a Pretty Kitty!!!

Ok, and Finally
I am working on something "Special" for when the Cornelia Marie gets in.
How would everyone feel about seeing some CM crab from the time it leaves the boat, through processing, to packaging and shipment?
Sorta a "Follow That Food" Dutch Harbor style?
Sound Interesting?
Let me know!!!

Kathy said...

Wonder if anyone around here would notice if I just disappeared for a week. I'll spend the first few days at the Aleutian Grand (even if it is too late for the buffet), help welcome the Cornelia Marie crew back and then head down to Florida to see Sig and Edgar at Epcot. Alaskan scenery and seafood, then Florida sun and fun. LOL Think I'd be ready to die happy!

CB, you know we'd love to be able to "follow that crab," especially if we could intercept it between the packaging and the shipping. :o)

Love reading your blog!

Frieda said...

Follow that Crab is a wonderful idea! If you keep up these tantalizing posts you just might be invaded by a bunch of Catch crazed women some day...assuming the weather would calm enough to let us in! I can see you now, having to decide what floor to put us on, who gets what view...etc. Diplomacy is your strong suit I am sure.

Gigi said...

The Sunday Brunch is fabulous and I have to give credit to my hubby, the Executive Chef, and all of his great crew. Sorry, CB, couldn't resist. We'd love to have everyone come sample the food in person any time (but summer is best for weather and more to do around the island!)

Alaska Steve said...

Great post Brian, and I'm sure there would be a huge interest if you took some pictures in the plant as they processed. I'm sure folks will be amazed how quickly it goes from crawling around to glazed legs in a box, heading for the freezer. The energy transfer involved in cooking crab then cooling it off is mind-blowing, from a scientific standpoint.

Lori said...

Wow! Does make me want to make the trip up there, if not for the boats and the scenery, but this brunch you keep talking about and now posting pics, well, I am so jealous!! Yes, CB - let's see the crab processing. I always thought that DC should get more detailed on the show, but hey, now we've got you for all that's missing. Glad to hear the CM is coming home soon. Can't wait to get my package!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

CRAAAAB! Crab crab crab crab crab crab crab!



Carlisleboy said...

And Lori, there is a little something "special" in the package from me!!!
I know you will love it!!!

Kim said...

(cry) you forgot to invite me. It looked like an amazing spread though. Yes post pics of it going through the process. I find all that stuff fascinating. Love this blog.

Carlisleboy said...

Kim, Check the next post

Suzassippi said...

The Executive Chef, Richard Bye, is the incredible master behind that beautiful spread. You should try his fish tacos--you will never want any other kind. Sunday brunch--and all the meals--at the Aleutian are indeed awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics bro. All our love from Kersey, PA!

Little and younger sis!

Lori said...

I didn't read your reply before I posted on another blog two days ago! Yes, I love it! I have it in my office and going to find a special frame for it. It will always remind me of you! Did you get your hug?